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October 11, 2019

Amazing adventurous Caving in Nepal

  • HB Kham
Mustang Cave
Mustang Cave – Photo: Sherpa Trekker

Caving is gradually developing into a popular adventure for the tourists arriving in Nepal. Caving is directly related to the cave which means going inside a natural cave to observe various attractive things painted on the walls of the cave which might refer to any historical facts and simply a graffiti that is artistic in design.

In other words, caving in Nepal means a way of moving and exploring through a natural cave. It could be a short or long venturesome trekking as well. Of course, caving is not an easy job.

Chobhar cave
Chobhar cave – Photo: Padam Gurung

It may be a strenuous activity. It needs a lot of energy and stamina to get across narrow caves sometimes with dangers lurking everywhere because you don’t know what danger might pounce upon you when you grope about your way inside a cave, although you will not make a silly mistake to go inside the cave without light or torch or a guide.

So, while caving you should have necessary gears to get inside the cave to avoid any possible accidents such as falling of stones from above, slipping, flooding or presence of any unseen animal inside.

Chamere cave
Bats in Chamere cave – Photo: Samraj Kc

Therefore, long before, undertaking this adventurous and dangerous activity, you must make a thorough research of the place where you are supposed to cave. So, wearing helmets, taking a rope and wearing gears are necessary things for caving.

If something goes wrong inside the cave, it would be very difficult for people outside to rescue the person inside. Bats are usually found inside the caves. These bats could inflict you with some lethal diseases too. So, training is a must before starting caving in Nepal which can give you enough confidence and skill to deal with any future calamities.

Some of the major caves of Nepal are Bat cave (Chamere cave), Siddha cave, Bagdwara cave, Chobhar cave, Mahadev Parvati cave, Gupteshwor cave, Mahendra cave, Maratika cave, Badrinath cave, and Mustang cave.

Maratika cave
Maratika cave – Photo: Dani Zwindling

While caving, if you discover ancient findings it may be a specular and exotic exciting experience for you. Kali Gandaki River in Nepal harbors the deepest manmade caves as deep as 155 feet which is an amazing and mysterious cave yet to be explored. It is said that at least 10,000 caves are found in Mustang which was previously a separate kingdom of Nepal.

Mystery and myths are shrouded in these caves which are thousand years old and stand here as the living testimony of a hidden history about which humanity has not knowledge that why were these caves built in the past and for whom?

Siddha gufa
Siddha cave – Photo: Bhoendra Luitel

Some of these caves appear to be mammoth sandcastle frozen in the snow in the lap of Himalayas in large Grand Canyon and gorges.  A discovery made by some adventurers in 1990 reported about the somebody found here. Those bodies were as old as 2000 years.

Cory Richards-an adventurer and photographer along with his colleagues Pete Athans and archeologists Mark Ardenderfer unearthed some of the findings from these caves.

Despite various threats and injuries this team of explorers discovered a 12th-century village culture under the caves with an amazing history which people have completely forgotten. During their expedition, they felt that everything around them was crumbling down.

Mahendra cave
Mahendra cave- Photo: Atif Ariff

What was intriguing for this team was that how did the people in those days succeeded in living in these caves. The team also found stunning eroded murals on the walls of Ritseling Cave in Upper Mustang.

The most astonishing part of this finding is that the people in those could easily get access to these caves as deep as 155 deep from the ground, without the use of any rope, scaffolding or even steps in any of these caves.

One of the amazing things about this cave is that the caves keep changing colors. If you are interested in it, you may contact any one of the trekking agencies associated with this kind of caving in Nepal.

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