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October 11, 2019

Spectacular Sikles village trekking

  • HB Kham 
Sikles village
Sikles village – Photo: Sandesh

Spectacular, exotic and stunning is Sikles village -an ancient traditional cluster of around 850 Gurung households- located on the ridge of a hill. The Gurung village just 139 km far from Kathmandu and elevated at hardly 2000 meters above sea level is popular for 4-5 days’ short trek through this ancient traditional village which is comfortable and easy enough for any trekkers of any ages.

Sikles trek
Sikles trek – Photo: Sumanta Sarkar

Tea house can accommodate the tourists or simply the farmhouses turned into guesthouses with a clean environment can accommodate your short night stays. September and May are the best time for the treks while you need not worry at all about any trek permissions and any other trek restrictions.

The village is popular for a well maintained rustic flair that showcases ancient Gurung cultures and traditions which are not tainted by modernity. The village houses have beautifully built narrow lanes that are flanked by stone and mud houses to observe with a keen eye for an outsider or visitors.

Sikles trek
Sikles trek – Photo: Kabin Kuikel

Bewitching panoramic views of snow-covered mountains like Lamjung Himal (6983m), Annapurna III (7555m) and Lamjung (6,983m). The ancient village is a perfect example of a self-sustaining hamlet with food grown locally and energy created from the local hydropower.

Trekking through this village is indeed a beaten path trek with stunning views of nature and landscape that lies on the main routes of the Annapurna region although the guest houses are less developed.

Sikles trek
Sikles trek – Photo: Bhumi Tharu

While staying in this village, you can enjoy night dancing and singing with the local boys and girls in a Rodhi Ghar- a typical singing and dancing club run by the villagers too or you can also observe the local handicrafts and other tourism activities.

The striking sight of blooming rhododendron, green foliage of oaks and bamboo trees and vibrant flora and fauna will make you forget the whole world for few days and you will feel like staying back in the village forever.

Way to Tangting village
Way to Tangting village

One of the travelers Michelle Welsch after trekking through Sikles writes, “My accommodation for the evening was a quaint farmhouse-turned-guest house. The owners were pleased to welcome me, perhaps surprised to see a foreigner wandering into their home during the off-season. Villagers invited me to their wedding ceremonies to dance.”

Most of the trek operators operate their trek itinerary as follows;

  • 01 Drive Kathmandu to Pokhara
  • 02 Pokhara to Kharpani
  • 03 Kharpani to Ghale Kharka
  • 04 Ghale Kharka to Nyauli Kharka
  • 05 Nyauli Kharka to Parcheto Sikles
  • 06 Sikles to Chansu or Yangjakot
  • 07 Chansu to Yangjakot to Kalikasthan
  • 08 Kalikasthan to Pokhara
  • 09 Drive Pokhara to Kathmandu

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