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October 14, 2019

Enjoying honeymoon tour in Nepal

  • HB Thapa
View from Sarangkot
View from Sarangkot

Are you going to get into knots of wedlock very soon and running short of a lavish budget for a honeymoon with your life partner?

Then don’t worry at all. You can still enjoy your honeymoon at a low budget in full swing and give your new life partner a lot of fun and unforgettable memories for the later life to recall.

Boating in Pokhara
Boating in Pokhara

This low budget honeymoon spent in Nepal can be most spectacular, exotic and highly enjoyable and appreciable as compared to a well-planned lavish budgeted honeymoon that you could have afforded elsewhere in any nooks and corners of the world.

In just one-quarter of what would have been your well-planned budget, you will have relished all those happy moments, thrills, excitement and amusement of honeymoon that you and your partner would not ever have imagined in life.

Sunrise from Nagarkot
Sunrise from Nagarkot – Photo: Dinesh Adhikari

Your honeymoon trip to Nepal by any international flights can bring you to Kathmandu airport from where you can stay in one of the luxurious hotels of Kathmandu and plan to enjoy every second and moment of your honeymoon by visiting romantic and captivating places like Pokhara, Sarankot, Nagarkot and Chitwan National Park besides observing the cultures around Kathmandu valley and relishing the delicious Newari foods at city restaurants.

All these places suggested are very near Kathmandu city. You can take just half an hour’s flight to Chitwan and Pokhara and continue to relish the ecstatic moments of your beginning life while you can reach Nagarkot via road as well. In Pokhara, you can visit Sarankot for gliding and hot balloon riding and bungee jump.

Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park
Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park

In Chitwan, you can observe the wild animals from a close distance while having an elephant ride while staying in most comfortable hotels at low prices.

For sure your beloved spouse will feel an immense pleasure of having mesmerized by a paradise-like place in life for the first time.

Nepal is a land of gods and goddess and there are innumerable monasteries and temples where you can visit and worship for the blessings of a happy married life.


The incredibly beautiful sight of sunrise and sunset at Nagarkot can give you a different perspective of life besides engaging in trekking and rafting in the white rivers of Nepal.

Having helicopter tours around Kathmandu or Mt Everest can also be a far enchanting experience for a couple.

Spring and autumn are the best seasons for travel and trekking in Nepal. There are hundreds of travel and trekking agencies in Nepal that can arrange for your marvelous honeymoon tour.

So why wait? Just act on the spur of moment. Decide today and take a flight to Nepal. Incredibly unimaginable happy moments await you here in Nepal.

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