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October 15, 2019

Tourist arrival increases in Lamjung homestays

Ghale Gaun
Ghale Gaun

Kathmandu: In the last couple of days, the number of internal as well as external tourists arriving in Lamjung homestays for holidays has briskly increased on the occasion of Dashain festival.

People are traveling away from busy city life to get relief from their stress of hectic life. Travelling and enjoying nature is also the main attraction for those who have returned from abroad.

Dashain festival vacation is considered the best time for traveling with family and friends for most of the internal tourists.

Similarly, external tourists have also arrived at various homestays in Lamjung during the Dashain Vacation. Tourist arrivals have increased in Ghale Gaun, Kaulepani village, Rainaskot, and other villages.

The tourist management committee of Ghale Gaun said that there was the arrival of about 300 tourists daily in Ghale Gaun up in four days after Dashain Tika.

Rainaskot Village

According to Dirgha Ghale, Secretary of the Office of the Tourist Management Committee, Ghale Gaun, more than 50 tourists daily arrive.

Ghale informed that the food and accommodation for the visitors of Ghale Gaun were managed in homestays, community building, and non-homestay operated houses. According to him, a homestay has been operated in 37 houses in Ghale Gaun. There are a total of 192 beds in all the houses. There is one hotel operated in the village with 30 beds.

Similarly, more than 500 tourists came to the Rainas Kot Homestay in four days of the Dashain, said Kharga Bahadur Gurung, chairman of the Homestay Management Committee. According to him, the daily number of tourists was around 20 before Dashain.

Khasur Village, Lamjung

The homestays were operated by rebuilding the houses with the special help of a US citizen Natasa Ozanayak in Rainaskot, Lamjung, which was damaged by the devastating earthquake of 2015. One community buildings, one museum, and 14 houses were constructed at a cost of Natasa’s 2, 75,000 NRs and local peoples 75, 00,000 NRs.

Gurung said that the homestay was operated in 14 houses in the initial phase. Currently, there are 14 homestays operated in the houses and 2 houses have been set up for homestays after Tihar.

Likewise, the tourists have also flooded in Kaulepani of Lamjung, Khashur of Besisahar, Khudi’s Siurung, Taghring’s Chapa, along with the Rainas Homestay.

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