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October 16, 2019

Hypnotic Kahphuche lake trekking

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Kahphuche Lake
Kahphuche Lake

If you are short of time and want to see a glacial lake or an avalanche with your naked eyes, then Kahphuche lake trekking is just for you.

Kahphuche Lake is the main attraction of this trekking. It is the lowest situated glacial lake at an altitude of about 2450 meters above sea level, located 8-10 hours away from the beautiful Sikles Village of Kaski district in the Annapurna region. 1200 sq. meters Kahphuche Lake, also popularly known as a virgin lake, is a unique lake of Nepal because all the glacial lakes are only found above an altitude of 4000 meters and it is situated at a low altitude.

Kahphuche Lake
Kahphuche Lake

It gathers glacial melts from Annapurna II, Annapurna IV, and Lamjung Himal. Usually, the temperature around the lake falls below minus and in the cold season, the surface-water modifies into the stiff icy ground.

Kahphuche Lake is a very beautiful lake with mesmerizing views of Annapurna range, avalanches, and deep blue water which changes its color occasionally. Wildlife can also be observed around the area of Kahphuche Lake.

Kahphuche is a noun in Gurung language which refers to the plain surface made of crushed snow and ices. ‘Kah’ means snow, ‘Phu’ means heap of snow, and ‘Che’ means a plain surface in Gurung language. Kahphuche lake was first discovered by Gurung peoples so it was named in Gurung Language.

Kahphuche lake trekking is an incredible remote trek which is done from Pokhara. Since it is a newly discovered trekking trail, it is comparatively less crowded than other trekking trails of this region.

Kahphuche Lake
Sikles Village entrance gate

Kahphuche lake trekking will take you from culturally rich Gurung village of Sikles to high up the mountains up to the base of the Annapurna range. You can observe the culture and traditions of the Gurung community, enjoy the local foods, hike through the high hills along the rivers, and enjoy the natural beauty of forests, snows, landscapes, and mountain ranges.

A complexity of roads on steep hills makes it difficult to walk but the mesmerizing scenery of hills, mountains and eye-catching beauty of Kahphuche Lake makes it worth your tough walk and adventurous too.

There is the presence of lots of homestays in Sikles Village and two hotels in Hugu. After reaching the lake, you can either camp at the lake or return to Hugu or even Sikles Village.

Avalanche above the lake
Avalanche above the lake

According to Devi Jung Gurung, a local person, the number of trekkers in this trail is increasing in recent times. There are about 4-5 groups of trekkers traveling daily in this route for exploring the beauty of Kahphuche Lake.

How to get there?

Kahphuche Lake can be completed in around 4-5 days from Pokhara. You can take a vehicle or a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. From Pokhara, you can take a bus up to Sikles Village which will take about 4 hours. You can explore Sikles Village, then trek towards Hugu. From Hugu You can reach Kahphuche Lake in about 2 hours.


Pratibha Shrestha who trekked in this trails says, “This place truly is a hidden treasure. The lack of human settlement in this area makes the trek a bit difficult but this also has helped to keep the raw beauty of the place intact. A perfect short yet challenging trek!”

I would suggest knowing the guide well because they’ll be only people knowing about the place and you won’t find any human nearby.”

Jeetesh Pradhan explains this lake as “One of the beautiful glacier lake which is near Pokhara.”


Thermos on top of frozen Kahphuche Lake
Thermos on top of frozen Kahphuche Lake

All Photos: Devi Jung Gurung / Crishna Gurung


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