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October 17, 2019

5 Things you should know before stepping in Nepal

Kathmandu Durbar square
Kathmandu Durbar square

Nepal is perhaps one of the best tourist destinations in the world for trekking, nature hiking, mountaineering, mountain flights, gliding, bungee jump, hot balloon riding, highway bike riding, and white water river rafting, caving, and ancient cultural observations.

Nepal is home to the world’s highest peak-Mt. Everest and several other higher mountains above 8000 meters, further justify its unique status in the field of tourism.

The country is sandwiched between bigger nations like China and India. More than 125 ethnic communities (representing both Mongoloid and Indo- Khas Aryan racial stock besides Dravidians) live in social and religious harmony in this country that also offers you ample opportunity to observe their living styles and learn something from their cultural and human values to cope up with the emerging modern lifestyle rife with tensions and stress.

If you ever plan to step into this tiny country known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, you need to be meticulous about the following five things.

Social etiquette
Social etiquette
  1. Social Etiquette

First of all, you should know how to greet the local people in Nepal. You should use the word, “Namaste” to greet anyone you meet in Nepal because everyone understands this term as part of normal greetings here.

Besides, if you are meeting with an elderly man, you should greet him by saying, “Namaste Dai” or “Namaste Didi” for an elderly woman.

And for the younger man and women you should greet them using the word, “Namaste Bhai” for a younger man, youth and “Namaste Baini” for the younger girl or woman to you.

Touching someone’s outstretched feet is considered an ill manner. Using clothes that reveal the body parts is usually considered bad in Nepali society especially in the rural areas although somewhat acceptable in the urban areas. In the Thamel area, it may not be so offensive enough. Too much candid show of love is also considered impolite in this society. If you are invited by any Nepali host for a dinner or lunch, do not start eating unless you are asked to do so and do not use your fork and spoons to distribute the food you are served on the table.

While entering the house of the host, it is usual to take off the shoes and eat silently while eating. You are required to wash your hands and mouth before and after eating the food.

There is also a custom that you should accept the second time offering of foods. If you reject food for the second time it may be offensive for the host. So, it is advisable to start eating the food with the expectation that you will have to accept the second serving of food at least once.

Trishuli river rafting
Trishuli river rafting
  1. Experiencing Adventure

If you are planning to experience an adventure by trekking or mountaineering, you should know about your physical strength. You should not have altitude sickness. Do not go on mountaineering and trekking all alone. It may be risky. So hire a trekking or mountaineering guide for your safety. Many of the mountain accidents have occurred due to tourist’s careless.

  1. Taking care of using water

While in Nepal prefer avoiding tape water as such water sources are not safe for your health. Also, avoid eating market fruits which seem to have been washed with tap water.

You should prefer to carry your water bottle or rely on the mineral water bottle available in the market in plenty.

Nepali food
Nepali Food – Photo: Pralhad Karki
  1. Eating Nepali Food

Usually, in Nepal, the local people prefer to eat their staple food known as “Bhat and Dal”. However, you may not feel comfortable with this new dish. So it is better to carry your foodstuff if possible or you can buy foodstuffs of your like at some of the departmental stores available in the market.

But you also can taste this traditional dish by ordering at one of the local restaurants at least once twice for a change of taste.

Nepal can also offer you other traditional foodstuffs made up of barley or buckwheat as well known as “Dhendo”. It may cost relatively higher than that of Bhat and Dal. The other fast foods like Momo also can give you a different taste if you like.

Ultra light flights in Pokhara
Ultra light flights in Pokhara
  1. Experiencing Mountain flights

While in Nepal you can also enjoy the bewitching sights of snowy peaks, swaying clouds, an array of spectacular lakes, ponds, glaciers, deepest gorges by taking mountain flights.

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