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October 21, 2019

Dhorpatan hunting reserve opened, hunting and revenue declines

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
Photo: Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve page

Kathmandu: The number of hunters coming to Nepal’s only hunting reserve, Dhorpatan Hunting reserve, has declined. According to the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Department, a number of the permit has not been sought after as per the number of quota opened this year.

Despite there is a hunting quota of 10 Blue Sheep and 6 Himalayan Tahr for this hunting season, the demand for hunting has come in only for 7 Blue Sheep and 5 Himalayan Tahr. The department last month called for a sealed tariff tender from the companies equipped with a hunting licenses.

Revenue has also declined due to less demand for hunting permissions. Santosh Bhagat, Assistant Manager in Revenue Management Branch of the department said that only NRs 1, 90,000 revenue has been generated from hunting one Blue Sheep.

Hunting in Dhorpatan
Hunting in Dhorpatan

In the previous hunting season (February-May), the 13, 51,000 NRs from one Blue Sheep and 13, 51,000 NRs from one Himalayan Tahr revenue was raised from hunting. When the demand for hunting is high, the rate of revenue will also increase and the revenue will decrease as demand decreases. The department said that the revenue rates vary during each hunting season. In the same season (September-November) last year, the revenue was NRs. 12, 05,000 for Blue Sheep and NRs 9, 20,000 for hunting one Himalayan Tahr.

Chief conservation officer of the hunting reserve, Saraswati Sapkota, said that the first hunting team will reach Dhorpatan after two weeks and said that the hunting reserve remains open until the end of November.

Tracks and Trails, Nepal Wildlife Safaris, Nepal Wildlife Adventure, Himalayan Outfitters, Himalayan Safarizal and Global Safaris are the licensed companies operating hunting in Dhorpatan in Nepal.

Bluesheep hunting
Bluesheep hunting

Within the reserve for systematic hunting, six blogs are designated – Phagune, Barse, Seng, Dogadi, Ghustung, and Sundaha. The company operates hunting on the blogs of the hunters’ choice. Trained hunters come from countries like Russia, America, Canada, Norway, and Germany for hunting. It is said that one hunter spends around 30 – 35 Lakh NRs. The hunters usually reach the hunting reserve in Helicopters.

The team, including hunters, reserve office and company representatives, porters and guides, spend 15 days in the reserve. In Dhorpatan, hunting has been opened twice a year from February – May, and September – November.  Dhorpatan is in a foreigner’s choice for the adventurous journey and hunting of animals.

Established in 1982 A.D, Dhorpatan hunting reserve is the only legitimate hunting destination in Nepal. It is spread over 1325 sq. km in the mountainous terrain of Baglung, Myagdi, and Rukum. The hunting reserve yearly provisions hunting quota for 20 Blue Sheep and 11 Himalayan Tahr.

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