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October 23, 2019

Dhaulagiri trekking route developing into an adventurous destination

  •  Kamal Khatri
Dhaulagiri seen from hills
Dhaulagiri seen from hills

The trekking route leading to the base camp of Mt Dhaulagiri at Mudi, Dhaulagiri rural municipality-4 in Myagdi district is developing into an adventure trekking route. Mt Dhaulagiri at 8,167 meters is the seventh tallest mountain in the world.

Mountaineers going to climb Mt Dhaulagiri, trekkers trekking along the round-Dhaulagiri route and tourists going to the Dhaulagiri base camp are attracted to this trekking route that passes through high hills and base of mountains.

Until few years back only small number of foreign visitors used to come for trekking on this route, but of late the domestic tourist arrival is also found increasing, according to Hari Prasad Tiloja, a tourism entrepreneur who is running a hotel at the Italy base camp.

Dhaulagiri seen from Poon hill
Dhaulagiri seen from Poon hill

“This route used to be the choice of foreign tourists only before as it was many days’ journey. But in recent time many Nepali tourists are also coming for trekking in this route. It has become convenient to the trekkers after the construction of infrastructures like improvement of the trekking route, suspension bridges and steps at difficult locations along the route,” Tilija said.

Construction of infrastructure has lessened the risk and the trekking has become safer now. Keshari Sharma of Khamla, Dhaulagiri rural municipality-4, who utilized her Dashain festival holidays and trekked to the Dhaulagiri base camp, observed that this trekking route is in shadow due to lack of publicity despite huge potentials for developing it into one of the prime adventure trekking.

Sunrise view of Dhaulagiri
Sunrise view of Dhaulagiri

“The Dhaulagiri trek route has great potential of being developed into a destination of adventurous tourism. But it demands the proper attention from bodies concerned for its good publicity and to complete the infrastructure construction,” said Sharma. The Naura Cliff, and Glacier zones from Italy Camp to Swiss Camp and from the Japanese Camp to Base Camp along the route are amazing and adventurous sub-routes for trekking.

Lately, the most challenging section from the Naura Cliff to Italy Base Camp via Bagar, Dobhan, and Sallaghari has been upgraded. Around 12 kilometers section has been upgraded with over Rs 6.5 million received from the Gandaki state government and the Federal Government.


The risky section passing through a high cliff and forests has been widened and made somehow easier, said rural municipality chair Thamsara Pun. Efforts are being made to develop trails along the difficult sections and build a suspension bridge over a stream, according to her.

The widening of the section has caused relief to tourists en route to the Dhaulagiri Base Camp and Dhaulagiri Circuit, and to the mountain expedition. Most tourists are using helicopters to visit the Base Camp due to a risky trekking route and no access to communication facility.

However, those interested in going through the Dhaulaigiri Circuit and walking up to the Base Camp use the route. The Dhaulagiri Trekking Route offers scenic views of flora and fauna. Mountain peaks locating along the glacier zones are the sites of attractions for tourists.

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