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October 24, 2019

Nepal celebrates Tihar “Festival of Lights”

Bhaitika – Photo: Gunjan Pasachhe

Nepal is all set to make a gala celebration of the national festival Tihar popularly known as “Festival of Lights” from October 26th to 29th 2019 across the country.

Nepal government has even declared official holidays these days to allow its citizens to celebrate this national festival with great pomp and show.

Kathmandu at night during Tihar- Photo: Travel house Nepal
Kathmandu at night during Tihar- Photo: Travel house Nepal

The festival of Tihar begins with the first day being observed as the “Kaag Tihar” on which the bird crow considered to be an informant of Yama or God of death is worshipped.

The second day is Kukur Tihar or the day of the dog. So, on this day even stray dogs are worshiped by giving foods. The dog is considered the agent of Yama.

Kukur Tihar
Kukur Tihar (Worship of dog)

The third day is celebrated as the Gai Tihar on which cows are worshipped or celebrated as the day of worship of Laxmi (worship of Goddess of wealth). The cow is worshipped during the day time and Goddess Laxmi is worshiped in the night time by lighting numerous lights such as wick lamps and candles around the houses. It is believed that the Goddess of wealth visits every house that night.

Laxmu puja - Photo: Sushma Katuwar Basnet
Gai Tihar (Worship of cow) – Photo: Sushma Katuwar Basnet

Similarly, the last day is celebrated as the day of brothers and sisters during which the sisters put a tika on the foreheads of their brothers. The day marks the purity and sanctity of relation between brothers and sisters.

Kaag tihar Photo Shrangi-La Hotel
Kaag tihar ( Worship of crow) – Photo: Shrangi-La Hotel
Rangoli by Mushkaan jain
Rangoli- Photo: Mushkaan jain

All sisters pray for the safety and long life of their brothers on this day and the brothers also vow to protect their sisters throughout their lives. The lighting of wicks, candles, extra lights and especially the multi-colored electric lights blinking in every house makes this festival very amusing and festive.

The visitors and tourists can enjoy these mesmerizing sights. The children during this festival play with firecrackers and enjoy the day to the utmost. The children and parents wear new clothes on this occasion and renew their relationship with their relatives.

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