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November 3, 2019

Sweet sojourn at the traditional village of Khokana

  • Sushant Lama

Khokana is a traditional Newari village located 8 kilometers south of Kathmandu valley with lots of awe factors. Situated in Lalitpur districts of central Nepal, Khokana is well known for its pure mustard oil, red chilies, and its unique Newari cultures, tradition, and lifestyles.

Tourists can observe different religious practices, Newari styled buildings, beautiful Newari dress, wells, and many more. They can enjoy local wines, delicious Newari cuisines like Samay baji, Chatamari, Yomari, etc. We can only see ducks around Khokana as people here have a unique tradition of not keeping chickens and hens in the house.

khokana jatra
Khokana Jatra

Rudryayani temple is one of the main attractions of Khokana with rich architecture. It is a three-storeyed temple in the Chwe Lachi square in Khokana where goddesses Rudrayani is worshipped. Rudrayani Jatra is performed every year in October on the first days of Dashain.


Opposite of the temple, there is the presence of a small pond called ‘De pukhu’ where the Locals celebrate a very popular yet controversial goat-sacrificing festival. It is like a competition where people from different communities gather around the pond, then a goat is sacrificed by drowning it under the water inside the pond, after that the dead goat is dragged by the youngsters who are representing various communities. One is able to get the goat, at last, wins the competition.

fields of khokana
Fields of Khokana

Another festival celebrated here is Sikhali Jatra in which all the villagers worship the goddess Indrayani. There is also the presence of other ponds in Khokana such as Kha Pukhu, Pala Pukhu, Ga Pukhu, Kutu Pukhu, Dhokasi Pukhu, Samal Pukhu. Jitapur mandap and Shikhali temple are other places to visit in Khokana.

You are also able to observe the pure mustard oil being produced in mills. Mustard oils of Khokana are believed to have a medicinal value which relieves the pain in the body when massaged by the oil.

khokana pond
Khokana pond

Khokana is located in a beautiful hill that looks mesmerizing when seen from the surrounding areas. Roadways here in Khokana make a swastika shape when seen from above. It is considered the first town in Nepal to get the electricity in 1911 AD from Pharping hydropower during the reign of Chandra Shamsher. The first house to get electricity can still be visited here.

first home to get electricity
First house to get electricity

There are many things about Khokana that are different from the other places in Nepal. In Khokana peoples don’t celebrate Dashain. The local people rejoice Gaijatra one day after everyone else in Nepal and they also have a fair which is held every 12 years.

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