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November 10, 2019

Exploring the glamorous Palpa

Tansen Bazar seen from Shreenagar view tower
Tansen Bazar seen from Shreenagar view tower – Photo: Ajay Poudel

Palpa is by far one of the most beautiful districts of Nepal gifted with natural and cultural richness. It is located in Province No. 5 and 117 km southwest of Pokhara. Its head quarter is Tansen and covers an area of 1,373 sq. km.

Often called as the queen of the hills, Palpa offers the picturesque views of green hills, swift-flowing rivers, mesmeric valleys, and exotic mountain ranges.

Culturally rich Palpa is home to people of different races like Magar, Newars, Brahmins, Tamangs, Chettris, and many more. Their unique cultures, traditions, and their warm hospitality is the gem of Papla.

Palpa Darbar
Palpa Darbar – Photo: Khim Ghale

Laidback lifestyles of the people, walking down the cobbled streets in the old bazaar of Tansen, exploring the Shree Nagar hills, hike to Rani Mahal are some of the things to do and experience.

Tansen was the seat of the Sen Kingdom that ruled over this region from the 16th century for almost 300 years.

Places to visit in Palpa.

Tansen, headquarter of Palpa, is the must-visit place in Palpa which is full of palaces, temples, stupas, and buildings with Newari architecture.


Rani Mahal Photo Tanay Devkota
Rani Mahal – Photo: Tanay Devkota

Ranighat Palace (Rani Mahal) is the most popular and must-visit the place of Palpa. Also called the Taj Mahal of Nepal, Rami Mahal is built by Khadga Shamsher Rana in the memory of his beloved youngest wife, Tej Kumari Devi in 1893 AD. He also named the nearby forest as Rani Ban.

Argeli Palace is one of the beautiful palace constructed by Juddha Shamsher.


Nuwakot forts, Kalika fort, Bakumagdi fort are some of the touristic destinations.

Religious Places

Rambha Devi Temple Photo Rana DS
Rambha Devi Temple -Photo: Rana DS

Rambha Devi temple is one of the most famous temples of this region located 31 km east of Tansen in Tahu VDC.

Ramdi bridge Photo Zobin Thapa
Ramdi bridge – Photo: Zobin Thapa

Ramdi is another religious place on the bank of Kali Gandaki River where special fair is held every 1st day of the Nepali Year.

Rishikesh Temple Palpa
Rishikesh Temple, Palpa

Rishikesh Temple, built by King Maimukunda Sen, is considered as one of the Shakti paths of Goddess Sati (Parvati). This temple hosts a major fair on January 15 when thousands of Hindus arrive here to take bath in the Kali Gandaki River.

Rishikesh complex of Ruru Kshetra is one of the important Hindu pilgrimage and cremation sites. Consisting of numerous styles of architecture from the medieval and San period, this site is still well preserved.

Bhairabsthan Temple Palpa Photo Bimal Gautam
Vairabsthan Temple Palpa Photo Bimal Gautam

Vairabsthan Temple is the Shiva Temple with huge trident, believed to be the largest in Asia.


Shree Nagar Palpa Photo Ajaya Poudel
Shree Nagar view towerPhoto: Ajaya Poudel

Shreenagar hill is the most famous spot for viewing high mountains like Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Annapurna, Hiunchuli, and many more.

Mahamritunjaya Statue of Lors Shiva situated at Barangdi which is considered the biggest in Asia among metal statue of Lord Shiva.

Madanpokhara Palpa
Madanpokhara, Palpa

Madanpokhara is another touristic area, famous for vegetable farming and sigh-seeing in Madi valley.

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