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November 11, 2019

Heritage route to connect the Patan world heritage site

Patan heritage route
Patan heritage route

Kathmandu: Lalitpur Metropolitan has prepared a “Heritage route” to connect to the world heritage site of Patan.

The “Heritage route” includes route starting from the Patan gate and passes via Sulimha-Pimbahal-Nakbahal-Nagbahal-Kalkhu-Kumbeshor and Patan durbar area.

This was disclosed at a meeting of the working committee of a forum of cities known as ‘City Net’ held in Lalitpur Last Friday. The city net escorted a group of foreign representatives around the heritage route after the meeting.

Sulimha is one of the historic tole of this route. The house of one of the famous great tantric of this area also is located here. This house is considered to be the oldest house in the historic Patan area.

There is Pimbahal pond located nearby this tole. A legend has it that around 600 years ago, one of the grandfathers of this area had created this pond after controlling the demons (lakhe).

Similarly, this heritage route keeps the visitors abreast of as old as Malla era houses and architectures.

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