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November 11, 2019

Reveling in the beauty of Taplejung


In the extreme northeastern part of Nepal lies a very beautiful district of Taplejung which is endowed with natural and cultural beauty. Also considered as one of the most beautiful areas of Eastern Nepal, Taplejung is home to mesmeric mountains, exotic valleys, and fascinating rivers along with mesmerizing flora, fauna, and birds.

The name Taplejung is made up of two words, ‘Taple’ meaning name of the Limbu king who used to rule this area, and ‘Jung’ meaning fort. As a whole Taplejung means fort of the King Taple. Gifted with the diverse landscapes, Taplejung is a must-visit place if you love to travel in off the beaten trek, avoid the hordes of trekkers, and love to be with nature.

Deurali Taplejung
Deurali, Taplejung

Taplejung is inhabited mostly by Limbus along with Sherpas, Gurungs, Rais, Tibetans, Magars, Newars, Tamangs, Chhetris, and Brahmins. Due to this reason, Taplejung has a huge diversity in cultures and traditions, but the hospitality of the people remains, warm and friendly.

If you visit Taplejung, you are going to love the Alpine grasslands, rocky outcrops, low river valleys, local peoples, their lifestyles, culture, and tradition and you are going to like the world’s largest natural rhododendron forests with the highest number of rhododendron in the world.

Places to visit in Taplejung

Pathibhara Devi Temple

Pathibhara devi
Pathibhara devi

Pathibhara temple is one of the most significant temples in Nepal which believed to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of devotees. It is considered as one of the ‘Shakti Peeths’ and attracts thousands of devotees from Nepal and India during special occasions with their different wishes. It is also considered the holy place for Limbu people. The devotees sacrifice animals and offer various things to the Pathibhara Devi to make her happy.

Kanchenjunga Conservation area


Kanchenjunga conservation area is the home to Nepal’s second and world’s third highest mountain, Mt. Kanchenjunga and Kanchenjunga National park. Mt. Kanchenjunga is considered one of the invaluable treasures of the eastern Nepal and poses for one of the great Himalayan trails. Similarly, the Kanchenjunga conservation area has some of the endangered species of animals like red panda, musk deer, Himalayan leopard and many more.

Timbung Pokhari

Timbung pokhari
Timbung pokhari

Situated at an altitude of 4,335 m above sea level at the border between Panchthar and Taplejung, Timbung Pokhari is one of the most beautiful ponds of this region having religious as well as historical importance. Originated from a Li8mbu word, ‘Timbak’ ‘ Timbung Pokhari’ means firing of a gun as the pond often makes the sound like firing off a gun. Timbung Pokhari is famous for its stunning views and religious belief.

Tamur River

Tamur river
Tamur River

Tamur River is the stunning river flowing across Taplejung which joins the Sunkoshi. The snowmelt from Mr. Kanchenjunga feeds the Tamur River which provides an exotic view of amazing mountains and luscious green valleys.

Fung Funge waterfall

Fung Funge waterfall Photo Sanjay Syangtan
Fung Funge waterfall – Photo: Sanjay Syangtan

Fung Funge waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the eastern Nepal. It is also enlisted in the top 100 tourist destinations for Nepal visit year 2020 and is considered the longest natural waterfall of Nepal. Its immense beauty is the must-see things in Taplejung.

Ancient Monasteries

Taplejung has many Buddhist monasteries like 400-year old Diki Chhyoling Gumba of Olangchungola which has an enormous statue of Avalokiteshwara and a butter lamp burning still from the time the monastery was constructed.

How to reach Taplejung?

There are regular buses which depart daily from the New Bus Park in Kathmandu to Birtamod which is a 12 hour journey. Then another local bus journey through the hills will take you to Taplejung which takes 9 or 10 hours.

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