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November 12, 2019

Chinese company shooting documentary and film on the Buddha

Lord Buddha
Lord Buddha

Kathmandu: (RSS). The Moon Virtue Culture Media Company of China is to make a documentary and film on the Buddha.

The documentary and film would be based on oil painting related to a story of the Buddha’s life. The Company’s representatives who are currently on a visit to Nepal said the film project aims to add a brick to the Nepal-China relations.

Company’s chief executive Hu Jijhong said in a news conference held in Kathmandu, Monday that the film will depict the historical relations between the two countries.

“We will make two beautiful art creations to support the cultural ties between the two countries,” Hu said. The Company says they will prepare an oil painting depicting the physical structure of Siddhartha Gautam before he attained enlightenment. Hu said this painting would be presented to the Government of Nepal.

Chinese artist Wang Ming said the painting would be done in Lumbini and the filming of the documentary would start from March. This would be screened in the different film festivals to be held in Nepal, China and other countries.

After the screening of the documentary, the Company will shoot a feature movie woven around the story of the theft of the oil painting related to Buddha. Actor Resh Marhattha has been signed from Nepal to act in the film, according to Hu.

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