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November 12, 2019

Trekking to Jaljala: An unexplored post-war destination in Rolpa

Jaljala trek
Jaljala trek

Jaljala is one of the new tourist destinations opened in the Rolpa district of Nepal, where Maoist insurgents had sheltered their war headquarter during the decade long armed struggle against the Nepali state.

So, a new visitor to this area would be very excited to see and meet the people of this place and observe their cultural aspects and attitudes that are speculated to have immensely contributed to the decade-long struggle.

This tourist destination is new and raw enough as there are hardly any luxurious hotels available here, yet basic lodges and private houses of the sociable local people can be used to stay overnight for the guests. Even the food of your choice may not be available here.

Visitors have to depend upon the local organic foods. However, the regions offer tantalizing and mesmerizing views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Mt Sisne (local mountain famous here) and Mt Putha.

Thabang village
Thabang village

Trekking to this new, unexplored and post-war, undeveloped area would undoubtedly offer you an opportunity to explore the ancient indigenous cultures and traditions that have remained intact among the local indigenous groups known as Kham people who predominantly inhabit this region of mid-western Nepal. You will also enjoy the beautiful nature, high passes, and waterfalls along the trekking route.

Anyone can do trekking to Jaljala as you need not have any prior experience of trekking to be here. The only thing you should have is physical fitness and the ability to walk every day for a few kilometers.

Best time:

February to May and August to December are the months suitable to trek to this new destination.


  1. Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel
  2. Trek preparation
  3. Flight to Bhairahawa airport from Kathmandu and drive to Sulichaur (6 hours)
  4. Drive from Silichaur to Fulibang and trek to Sirkyang and Kotalbara (8 hours)
  5. Trek from Kotalbara to Ajambari commune village (7 hours)
  6. Trek from Ajambari to Thabang
  7. Rest in Thabang
  8. Trek from Thabang to Jaljala ( 3107 m)
  9. Trek from Jaljala to Dharampani ( 3600m) and Majibang (2100m)
  10. Rest at Majhibang
  11. Trek from Majhibang to Jailbang and drive to Sulichaur (6 hours)
  12. Drive back from Silichuar to Kathmandu
  13. Rest in Kathmandu
  14. Departure from Kathmandu

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