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November 24, 2019

Guiding snow poles installed for guidance of tourists

sunset at kanchenjung
Kanchenjunga sunset view

Kathmandu: Installation of snow poles at various places across adventurous trekking trails of Kanchenjunga has helped in easy guidance to tourists and guides’ incoming and going.

The existence of guiding snow poles at almost all places along the trekking trails has freed the guides and tourists from their problem of missing their trails, said RSS report Sunday.

The snow poles are installed from the gateway of the base camp to the upper regions along with the snow-covered trails.

At least 200 snow poles and 100 guide poles have been installed at various places along the trails according to the multipurpose Kanchenjunga conservation area management council.

With the installation of these snow poles and guide poles, the number of days for trekking and expedition to Kanchenjunga has been curtailed to 22-28 days only.

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