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November 27, 2019

Wonderful Saribung peak climbing

Saribung expedition
Saribung expedition

Romantic Saribung peak climbing, elevated at 6346 meters above sea level in the Upper Mustang region in juxtaposition with Narphu valley is something that a visitor would always like to enjoy.

The expedition becomes all the more exotic, exciting and spectacular with the most thrilling and exciting experience an individual visitor can revel in climbing this peak.

The untold sights of panoramic peak besides being bewitched by the eternal and unblemished raw natural beauty pervasive in the surroundings along the trails that reaches up the base camp can occupy your fragile mind forever even after the end of the expedition. Saribung Mountain is located in the Damodar Himalayan range of Nepal and closer to Tibet border in one of the remote corners of the upper Mustang.

Saribung expedition
Saribung expedition

This peak was opened for expeditions in 2006. The expedition to the Saribung peak is really inspiring for the new climbers. While climbing Saribung peak you should follow the route from the upper Mustang to Lomantang. On the way, you will come across the charming Luri monastery before you could move towards the wild Namta Khola valley.

The climb to Saribung peak is comparatively easier for the experienced climbers and the trail enables you to enjoy the mesmeric sights of diverse cultures, scenic beauty of nature and topographical variations.

Saribung peak climb
Saribung peak climb

However, the climb is tough one as you need to cross high passes like Saribung La at 5600 meters and Kang La pass at 5200 meters which may challenge your expedition. After completing the Saribung expedition, you can trek through Narphu valley.

How to get there?

Take a   flight to Pokhara or drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu. Then take a flight to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni. Trek to Lomanthang in upper mustang. Then trek to Saribung base camp to explore caves and monasteries. In a span of one week, you can climb Saribung peak and return to base camp. Then trek to Bulbule through Nar Phu valley. Then drive back to Kathmandu or follow the same earlier route of flights from Jomson to Pokhara and then Pokhara to Kathmandu.

Saribung peak view
Saribung peak view

Best time to visit

Autumn (Sept-Oct-Nov) and spring (March –April –May) are the best seasons to climb Saribung’s peak.


“Most splendid it is to climb Saribung peak. I enjoyed the beautiful sights of natural flora and fauna along the trail. The upper Mustang and Narphu valley are so thrilling to see for me,” said Peter Collumn.

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