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November 28, 2019

Escaping into wilderness of Nepal’s King of Hills

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Bethanchowk (King of Hills)
Bethanchowk (King of Hills). File photo

Escaping into the wilderness of Nepal’s Bethanchowk or King of hills, near Kathmandu and elevated at around 3000 meters above sea level can prove to be hiking full of ecstasy in the wilderness that you have never known before.

Bethanchowk is a small, but beautiful village situated 22 km away from south of Panuati in Kabre district. Bethanchokw, Narayanthan is one of the highest hills among other hills found in the Mahabharat range. So, the hill is also known as King of Hills.

King of Hills sunrise view
King of Hills sunrise view

King of hills perhaps is the best tourist destination and place for seeing the marvelous sights for the potential domestic as well as foreign tourists, visitors and nature lovers in Nepal. The short hike to Bethanchowk can also offer beautiful views of Tibetan peaks on the north and Indian plains in the southern part.

The wonderful hike to this hill can also offer a 360 degree panoramic and irresistible glimpses of the surrounding Himalayan ranges in the north on a crystal clear day. Some areas of Janakpur and Makwanpur in the terai also can be viewed from this hill viewpoint. For the people believing in religious faith, there is a small temple on the top of this hill known by the name of Naryanthan.

That’s why this temple remains crowded with Hindu devotees on the occasion of Fagu Purnima. The local people usually call this hill by Narayanthan rather than Bethanchowk as well as King of Hills.

How to get there?

Bethanchowk village
Bethanchowk village

To reach this King of Hills, get a vehicle hired to reach Panauti from Kathmandu by road. Likewise, take a vehicle from Panauti to Dhunkharga and then start an uphill hike from Dhunkharga to Bethanchow for at least four hours.

Best time to hike

During February and March, the Rhododendron flower is seen in full bloom in multicolor across this hill that adds to beauty and wonder of this hike. The snow patches scattered on the slopes of the hills in the surrounding also further beautifies your hike to this hill and renders it all the more exciting and full of fun and entertainment that paves the way to escape into the wilderness, away from the din of the day from your busy hours that may be a liberating moment from your monotonous days and experiencing a feeling of freedom from the onus of responsibilities and anxieties of life.


It is suggested that good hiking shoes should be worn to avoid any mishap while hiking through the slippery, rocky and sloppy track. The hiking may also be windy. So, prepare your hike routine to grapple with any kind of uncertainties.


“It was the most pleasant and mesmerizing experience for us to hike and reach the top of Bethanchowk last time with friends to escape from the anxieties. We enjoyed the wilderness and beauty of this hiking trail,” said Pashupati Sharma.

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