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December 3, 2019

Children’s increasing passion for the cycle ride

Peddling cycle along the highway has not only become a popular sport for the sportsmen, but also become a matter of passion and craze among the old, youth and old alike.

This avid passion for cycle ride was overtly expressed by old and young ones when the Samridh Sindhuli organized a three days “Cycle Ride through Sindhuligadi” from November 22 to 24 to welcome and promote Visit Nepal Year 2020.

The cycle journey that started in the premises of Pashupatinath in Kathmandu journeyed through the historical area of Sindhuligadi and reached Janakpur during which 171 male and female participants representing the age group of 9 to 66 years had actively participated to cover a distance of 250 kilometers.

The fantastic part of this cycle ride was the participation of three children of just 9, 10 and 13 years who were merely school children. The organizers of this cycle ride had given way to the passion of these children after they incessantly insisted on their participation in the cycle ride competition mainly intended for youths and elderly people. The following is the description of these three kids whose craze for cycling could not be silenced.

Subham Shrestha ( 9)
Subham Shrestha ( 9)

The youngest cycle rider during the cycle journey was Subham Shrestha (9) from Roshani High School, Gaighat, Udaiypur. He is reading in class 2. He  expressed that it was great fun to partake in such a cycle journey with elders.

Subham also admitted that it was his first attempt and that the uphill cycle ride was somewhat difficult for him. But he said he will continue this cycle journey in future too.

Suyogman Singh Basnet (10)s
Suyogman Singh Basnyat (10)

The other child participant was Suyogman Singh Basnyat (10) from Nav Arunima Secondary School. He reads in class 4, who said that it was his second-time attempt. He had already taken part in a similar cycle ride competition. He said it was really enjoyable to be part of the cycle journey this time.

The next participant was Aaditya Shrestha (13)- a student of Little Angel School, Hattiban, Lalitpur who said that it was his first time attempt in such competition.

Aaditya Shrestha (13)
Aaditya Shrestha (13)

Aaditya also admitted that the cycle journey through Pashupatinath and Sindhuligadi till Janakpur has doubled his energy and enthusiasm.

To sum up, the passion for cycle ride is increasing among the children, youths and elderly people alike for which these aforementioned three children are good examples as well as concrete shreds of evidence for any empirical observations.

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