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December 9, 2019

Mysterious, thrilling and intriguing places in Nepal

  • HB Kham

Believe it or not, supernatural powers exist in this physical world made of perishable elements. Supernatural elements continue to be pervasive in fables, folktales, and even modern films.

Nepal being a land of gods and goddesses is not aloof from the existence of shamans who are believed to be able to communicate with the good and evil spirits of the dead persons.

Ghosts and spirits will continue to be the topics of discussions among human beings. Nepal in this connection is profusely connected with the spirits and ghosts which cannot be proved scientifically but will continue to haunt the people’s memoirs.

There are many places in Nepal which seem to be very mysterious, mythical, thrilling and intriguing for the visitors. Let’s read about a few of these places worth visiting for those who are fearless, daring and adventurous in spirit and physics.


Mysterious Ranibann: File photo

Located in Achham district in far western Nepal, Ranibann is a beautiful palace where the queen used to spend her days in the ancient time. Since this palace is in dilapidated conditions and is surrounded by dense forest, no one dares to visit this Ranibann in the night time.

Reason: According to the local people the crying voice of a girl is heard at night in this house. The voice is no more heard if anyone enters this house. It is believed that the girl was raped and murdered here. The murderer was found dead by hanging himself on a nearby tree after two days. This palace and the forest area is one of the most haunted places in Nepal. If interested to visit this place you may try for fun, entertainment and discovery.

Aryaghat: File photo

Aryaghat of Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath lies on the bank of Bagmati River which is the cremation ground of Hindus where the dead bodies are burnt on a pyre for the last rituals. Since this place burns the dead bodies, it is mostly haunted by spirits and ghosts at night.

Reasons: The local people say that every night they hear screaming and crying voices of people, which perhaps could be that of ghosts and spirits of the dead ones.

Devighat-in-Chitwan: File photo

Devighat in Chitwan

Though Devighat located in Chitwan on the side of Seti Gandaki and Krishana Gandaki River is very popular for Hindu culture and religion, a human skull was found in July 2009 since then the place is listed among the haunted places in Nepal.

Reason: Local people say that they often see few beautiful ladies dancing with some sort of fire lit in their bodies which seem to be most thrilling and intriguing.

Is not it so mysterious and surprising thing to know and a place to visit? If you dare to visit this place, a chill will go through your back spine and make you freeze for a moment.

Narayanhity Royal Palace of Nepal: File Photo

Narayanhity Royal Palace

Narayanhity Royal Palace is the old royal palace of Nepal where a brutal massacre of the royal king, queen, and other members occurred mysteriously on June 1, 2001. No one knows who the real culprit of this gruesome incident were.

Reasons: Since the king and queen were killed with gunshots here, their noises and screams can be heard at night. Is not it so amazing and intriguing for a common man who does not believe in supernatural things?


Bank of Sundarijal

Sundarijal located 15km northwest of Kathmandu is famous for water supply to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. However, the place and river is also infamous for its darker side during Panchayat time and now.


Locals say that those who come here to swim in the river lose their lives and many people have already died here while swimming.

East-West-Highway; File photo

East-West Highway

East-West Highway is the longest road highway of Nepal that extends from east to west of Nepal. But the highway passes through the various dense forest of National Parks.

I consider the dense forest across the highway the most haunted places at night time. Ghosts and spirits in the form of ladies or men have appeared along the highway at night according to some locals and vehicle drivers.

Reason: People say that weird and eerie voices are heard while traveling through this highway. The sudden appearance of the human being in the middle of the road are the instances of supernatural elements existing along this highway. Is not it so supernatural?, thrilling and intriguing for a visitor?

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