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December 10, 2019

Adventurous Rock climbing in Nepal

Rock-climbing: File Photo

Rock climbing is a very adventurous fun in Nepal for anyone interested in it. Since Nepal is endowed with mountains and valleys, plenty of rocks can be seen here and there in Nepal which can offer you a challenge to climb it.

The fun and excitement of climbing the rock in Nepal is an exotic and untold experience for which one needs to go through the practical experience personally.

Rock climbing: File Photo

Climbing Astrek wall in Thamel

Astreke climbing wall is located in Thamel which is a tourist hub in Kathmandu. It would be fun and exciting to climb this wall for any climber.

Rock climbing in Pharping
Pharping, located in the hills to the southwest of Kathmandu is popular for its monasteries and also famous for natural climbing cliffs, where you can try your muscles and stamina for climbing these tough cliffs.
You may take the support and guidance of expert rock climbing guides if you are not trained in rock climbing sports.

Rock climbing in Nagarjun forest
Located at just 30 minutes’ drive from Kathmandu, Nagarjun forest has over 22 climbing routes from grade 4a to 7b+overhand climbing.

The rocks here consist of multi-pitches of 65 meters to single pitches at 12 meters. Foreign climbers are restricted to this area unless they come up with a Nepali guide.

Thame Rock Climbing
Thame rock climbing lies at an altitude of 5800 meters near Mt. Everest in the eastern part of Nepal. 17 climbing routes are starting from 4c to 7c with multiple pitches of 200 meters.

Kakani rock climbing
Located just 29 km from Kathmandu city in the northwest, Kakani rock climbing is the most famous site which lies on the way to Trishuli. The climbing rock is about 20 meters high, but it is challenging.
Rock climbing here can offer a heart touching glimpses of Ganesh Himal, Himalchuli, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Gauri Shanker Himal.

Rock Climbing near Bandipur
There are nearly 55-meter rocks face with four pitches. This rock climbing spot is located only 60 km from Pokhara and around 140 km from Kathmandu.

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