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December 11, 2019

Touring Chandragiri Hills by cable car

chandragiri cable
Chandragiri cable car: File photo

Chandragiri hill is one of the most popular destinations for inland as well as foreign tourists in Kathmandu that can be accessed through a comfortable and romantic trip of a cable car in broad daylight.

This naturally well-decorated hill with a beautiful landscape in the surroundings is so pleasing to see and visit here that being here means as if you are standing in an ethereal surrounding where you are flying across the clouds. The clouds are seen below the hills. Some people describe this place and compare it with an imaginary paradise.

Chandragiri-hill-day-tours: File photo

When you are here, your eyes will be arrested by a glimpsed of Himalayan peak ranges.  The hills are suitable for the visit for tourists, parents with children or any couple who would like to enjoy their holidays here.

History and legends

History and legend of Chandragiri hills say that last King Ranajit Malla of Kathmandu valley lost his kingdom to Gorkha armies sent by Prithvi Narayan Shah. After losing his kingdom, he went to the top of this Chandragiri hill and wept bitterly with a heavy heart for bidding farewell to such a glorious history and kingdom where Malla ancestors had ruled and reveled in joy and prosperity.

chandragiri hill route
Chandragiri hill route

This moment of departure for Ranjit Singh from his most beloved kingdom and people was very sad and full of despondency. He could not have regained his lost kingdom by fighting the battle again. Even during the reign of Prithvi Naryan Shah this hill was used as the major route of trade pass for the traders going to plain areas.

The cable car ride to reach Chandragiri hills


Now the cable car is available to reach Chandragiri hills in the day-time in about 45 minutes. The cable car is very reliable which takes around 2.5 km to travel up to the hills from Thankot. The hill is elevated at an altitude of 2500 meters from sea level.

Located at 16 km from Kathmandu the hill is gradually becoming famous destinations for all people irrespective of their ages. The panoramic views of peaks like Ganesh Himal and Fishtail can be viewed from this hilltop and can be mesmerizing as that of a mirage that keeps your attention engaged.


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