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December 12, 2019

Magnificient Chitlang hiking

Chitlang: File photo

Located around 22 km from Kathmandu, an ancient settlement of Newars in Makwanpur district is another tourist destination suitable for hiking.

Chitlang Kulekhani: File Photo

Magnificent Chitlang hiking offers an exotic opportunity to view the ancient village of Newars and their cultural heritage.

Chitlang village

The pleasant scenic natural views of the forest and Himalayas in the north are indeed surprisingly captivating. Chitlang contains temples, green forest and stone carving with ancient Lichhavi era inscriptions on them.

The site has 160 species of birds and animals. Apple gardens and green meadows are the main attractions of the Chitlang tour.

There are few cottages and homestays available here where tourists and visitors can stay overnight.

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