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December 13, 2019

Winter trek to Nepal’s Dhola Nalang village

HB Kham

Dhola Nalang village trek
Dhola Nalang village trek: File photo

Winter trek to Dhola Nalang village in Nepal would be the finest ever trekking destination for anthropologists, nature lovers, research students, and photographers.

This trek not only garners the village tourism but also becomes the primary source of information for the researchers aspiring to do research on natural resources, flora, and fauna in this region.

Very few people have ventured to explore this region. So it is still a virgin area for many lovers of nature. Dhola Nalang Shreeban Nature Camp could one of the unique and fewer traveled trails for aspiring travelers and tourists.

This winter trek can be accomplished in four or five days. However, the trip will immerse you into the deeper insight into the ethnic village, hiking, bird watching, and mountain biking escapades in a splendid and amazing manner.

The exotic trek can also be a god blessed boon for you in enjoying the soothing views of snow-capped mountain peaks of Annapurna and Manaslu from this trekking spot.

The natural scenic beauty of fluttering butterflies, aromatic aura created by the blooming Rhododendrons, murmuring ripples of streams and waterfalls and wild animals jumping across your untrodden path in the forest can make you feel being frolicsome like a newly born fawn and make your trekking experience all the more fulfilling and most memorable.

The trek will hardly be elevated to 1210 meters above sea level and it would be a much easier journey for anyone who may do the trek for the first time in life.

The best time to trek to this region could be February-June -September, and November. July and August can also be ok for the trek. The logistic arrangement can be made in local homestays with eatables generally being local organic to rely on during the stay. The trip can be made in a vehicle or a hired bus.

The village of Dhola Nalang is located high up in the lap of Manaslu and Annapurna mountains in the Midwestern region of Nepal. The trekking trip starts from Kathmandu through Dhadhing Bensi after a drive for nearly four or five hours by road.

You will see the captivating sights of grazing animals on the green meadows until you get access to Dhola village of different ethnic communities such as Magar, Brahmin, Newar living in complete social harmony with rich cultural heritage to observe the rustic life.

The smile and hospitality of the local people are going to win your heart and soul once you are here and start to interact with these local community people.

Visiting a nearby Shreeban nature camp will further enhance your trip to this rural village and will leave an indelible imprint upon your fragile mind which will force you to return to this village once more in your lifetime to mix and mingle into this rural life traditions and lifestyle that you will not find in post-modernity.

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