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December 15, 2019

Challenging raging rapids of Marshyangdi River

Marshyangdi River rafting
Marshyangdi River rafting: File photo

Are you the best kayaker and rafter in the world? If your response is yes then you have missed something very valuable part of your life. That’s rafting and kayaking in raging whiter water of Marshyangdi River in Nepal.

Do you know why it is so? Yes, it is so for the simple reason that Marshayngdi River is the most recommended river for the world’s best rafters and kayakers.

Marshayangdi River rafting
Marshayangdi River rafting

Amazing view of mountains of Annapurna and Manaslu can be seen at the backdrop of the Marshyangdi River Rafting. The river rages through canyons and gorgeous gorges with powerful rapids to make your river rafting all the more wonderful, romantic and adventurous.

Marshyangdi River flows through a valley around Manang and then swings south to join the Trishuli River at Mugling where the river creates a breathtaking, awesome and spectacular sight for the onlookers as well as rafters and kayakers.

The best time for enjoying this rafting and kayaking is during the autumn and springtime which is about 52 km in length. This river is accessible from Kathmandu.

The trip to Marshyangdi River rafting starts after an 8-hour drive to Khudi from where the trek starts. For an alternative route, you may also take a drive to Besishahar and take 5 hours trek to Ngadi to reach the starting point.

Rafting in this river is really hard and challenging for the rafters where you will confront raging rapids of classes 4 and 5 which make your rafting more adventurous sport, enjoyable and entertaining.

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