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December 16, 2019

Tips for road safety in Nepal

Durbar Marg in Kathmandu

Nepal is a beautiful landscape resplendent with mountains and cliffs. Although the major urban areas of this tiny country are well connected to good roads, some of the roads connecting the rural areas may be a little bumpy and difficult to ride through in rainy seasons.

The roads leading up to the best trekking and climbing regions may not be so worse to traverse through, yet taking road journey in the remote parts of the Karnali region may prove somewhat awkward and tough for the new travelers in this region.

Arniko highway: File photo

This is the situation when road safety may pose to be a major challenge for you. Therefore you may peruse the following few tips about road safety in Nepal. If you take care of these tips, you will never have a problem while traveling in Nepal.

Difficult road: File photo
  1. You should know that around 60% of the roads in Nepal are hard-surfaced roads that connect the major cities of the country including the capital city- Kathmandu.
  2. Around 40% of roads in the other regions of the country are usually graveled roads which may be bumpy as they are not well-maintained.

  1. To drive through these graveled roads is really a tough job.
  2. During the rainy season, frequent landslides may occur on these roads. So, be aware of the areas where landslides are likely to occur to avoid any accidents.
  3. But don’t worry too much about road safety as you will not be alone during your movements. You will always be guided by an expert guide.

  1. You should try to abide by the suggestions and warnings given by your guide while deciding to take a road.
  2. You are suggested to opt for public buses for travel as drivers of these local buses are experts in driving.
  3. If you are driving yourself, be prepared for any stray cow or buffaloes coming on your way. So, drive slowly.

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