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December 19, 2019

Welcome to homey stay holiday during Visit Nepal 2020

  • HB Kham

Homestay luxury: File photo

If you are planning to visit Nepal in 2020, you will not only be garlanded with flowers at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu for the observation of Nepal Visit Year 2020, but will also be given a choice whether to stay in a luxurious hotel or spend your holidays in a more homely, comfortable and cultural environment provided in a community homestays run by the local indigenous people.

Homestay kitchen: File photo

You will be welcomed at these homestays, not by the valets or hostess, rather you will be welcomed in a different amazing pattern and style. Your welcome at these homestays will be done with cultural smile hospitality by the traditionally dressed young men and women.

Attractive peak sight from Homestay

The place will not have a swimming pool but will have a complete immersive family home environment for you to stay in. Here you can frankly share your holidays with typical Nepali family members who will guide you and serve you with all possible helps you need to make your holidays memorable and enjoyable at the minimum cost.

Homestay hospitality

The hotels will follow certain formal patterns of hospitality and services for the guests. But homestays will treat you like a close member of their own family. So, besides getting a homely environment, you will also be inducted to a friendly environment which will leave an inedible imprint in your mind and heart.

The friendship and family relations you build here at this time will always remain with you and you will feel like returning to this place again and again in your later life period to refresh your relationship and friendship.

Homestay dishes

What is homestay?
Homestay in Nepal means tourists or guests invited to stay in a family home with beds and breakfast available. The local dishes are available for the tourists to choose from for lunch and dinner.
In homestays, you will be immersed in the local cultural environment and local life patterns that will be interesting and exciting to you.

You can visit the kitchen of the homestays and visit the fields of the local people where they work and toil for their daily bread and butter.

You can also take the help of the local people to move about in the surrounding hills or, forest and meadows where you can see cattle grazing. The homestays can also provide you single rooms or double rooms according to your needs.

The visitors in these homestays can have the real experience of Nepali lifestyle and agrarian patterns. Besides, not only innocent smiles on the faces of local people will please you, but will also win hour hearts with their simplicity and honesty unintentionally expressed to you.

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