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December 20, 2019

Pokhara to open Royal Ratna Mandir and Hima house for tourists

  • Krishna Duwadi
Royal Ratna Mandir

Kathmandu: On the eve of Nepal Visit Year 2020, Royal Hima house and Ratna Mandir (temple) are to be opened for the tourists and common people in Pokhara with effect from January 1, 2019.

These steps are being taken to target the tourists in the year 2020 when the Nepal government intends to bring at least 2 million tourists in the country and Pokhara is one of the major outlets to lure tourists.

The local tourism entrepreneurs and representatives of the people for a long time have been demanding for the proclamation of this royal temple and royal house as part of tourism products to promote tourism in the region.

Royal Ratna temple and Hima house were established by late King Mahendra in the name of his queen in Pokhara where he had been coming now and then to spend holidays.

The late King Mahendra and Birendra also used to receive credentials of the ambassadors of few countries in those days when the Kings used to stay in this royal house situated in Pokhara.

After the gruesome royal massacre of late king Birendra and his family members at Naryanhity palace, all royal properties and assets belonging to late King Mahendra that were bequeathed to late King Birendra were declared confiscated and transferred to a trust in the country.

And it is in this context that these royal remnants are being opened for the common people and tourists to observe for a certain amount of fee.

Rajeswor Gyawali, member secretary of Trust confided in that the decision to exploit these royal assets as tourism products were taken after extensive discussions were held with the local tourism entrepreneurs, Pokhara Metropolitan and Gandaki provincial government in Pokhara for four days. Royal Ratna temple and royal Hima house are located on the bank of the famous Phewa lake in Pokhara.

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