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December 20, 2019

Soaring craze for Yoga trek in Nepal

  • HB Kham

Yoga trek: File photo

Fantasy and craze for Yoga trekking in Nepal are increasing among the trekkers as we are about to welcome the new year 2020 which will be called Nepal Visit 2020.

Trekker’s trendy for Yoga trekking is soaring as trekkers wish to seek an absolute solace of mind and recreation of the body at the same time.

Nepal is such a splendid land that is blessed by Gods and Goddess as a paradise-like destination where tourists can relish both merrymakings of body and serenity of mind because it’s the land of spiritual persons since time immemorial.

This is the amazing and mythical land where even Gods reincarnated themselves to compete with human beings to achieve mortal goals and evidenced that human life is mortal yet it can attain salvation at the end of life.

This is also the same land where herbal medicinal plants and yoga (meditation) was practiced by the famous spiritually gifted sages, who are said to have lived more than 200 years in the past.

The land of Nepal is home to the highest peak on the earth which is sufficient proof of the fact that the purity and serenity of the land are undeniable and undisputable.

This is also the land where not only spiritual powers were wielded and upheld by powerful spiritual leaders but also powerful magical and oracles were practiced by the Nepali sages and hermits in the past that actually overwhelmed the entire world.


Hence, such a divine gifted country arranging the trekking activities like Yoga and meditation along the trekking areas across the remarkable spiritual lands of Himalaya is credible enough and you can trust it and enjoy yoga and meditation trekking here in 2020.

The best choices for your yoga trekking can be Annapurna base camp yoga trek, Everest view yoga trek, Everest base camp trek, Manaslu Circuit Yoga Trek, Ghorepani Poon hill, Dhampus Sarangkot, and Chisapani Nagarkot yoga trek among others.

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