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December 22, 2019

Enjoying Solo trekking in Nepal

Solo trekking: File photo

Nepal is one of the world’s renowned affordable destinations for both solo and group trekking. Let’s focus on “Solo trek” in Nepal. The solo trek is not something new for Nepal. It was in the early 1970s that solo trek was opened for foreigners. Since then many tourists have been relishing the fun of enjoying the solo trek in Nepal, sometimes even without taking the support of a guide.

All the same, it is not so agreeably advisable for all trekkers to go on solo trekking because the matter of safety may be precarious while dealing with strangers during the trekking.

However, you can take a solo trek during peak season when everyone is on a journey and you have nothing to worry about your safety as there will be a lot of trekkers in front of you and at the backside. So, choosing the best and safe time is going to make your trek tremendously exotic and spectacular. Of course, it is undeniable fact that solo trek can have both pros and cons. Solo trekking is very popular in Nepal.

A good season for solo trekking

Nepal has some trekking regions where you can trek at any time of the year. However, spring and autumn are the two best seasons when tourists flock in Nepal. This the time when the climatic conditions become very pleasant for the tourists to trek in Nepal as they can see mountain peaks clearly.

Tips for solo trekking

  • You should choose the best season for your solo trek.
  • Be careful about altitude sickness. Check if you can tolerate the high altitude sickness. Then only you should go for it.
  • It would be wise enough to inform someone you trust that where you are going to and what are your plans.
  • Decide to go for a trekking destination which is within the reach of a trail.
  • Do not trek once it is dark.
  • Also, ensure that your insurance covers emergency rescue operations.
  • You should carry enough Nepali currency to cover up the expenses on the trip as there no ATMs available in the remote trail areas in Nepal.
  • Walk slowly and carry enough water to drink on the way.

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