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December 23, 2019

Tantalizing waterfalls awaiting visitors in 2020

Nepal is not only famous for mountain expeditions and trekking only, but it is also rich in spectacular waterfalls that can mesmerize any visitor. The following are the major heart touching waterfalls found in Nepal.

Panchal waterfall

Panchal waterfall is considered to be the highest waterfall in Asia which is located in Kalikot district. The fall of this waterfall is 491 meters. The waterfall is situated inside a dense jungle. Thousands of tourists usually flock to this waterfall every year.

Rupse waterfall

Rupse waterfall located around 110 km from Pokhara is another fascinating waterfall with a fall of 300 meters which is located in Myagdi district. This waterfall passes through the Kali Gandaki Canyon considered to be the deepest canyon in the world. This waterfall also attracts a great number of tourists every year.

Pokali waterfall

Pokali waterfall is the second-highest waterfall after Panchal waterfall in Nepal. It is located in Okhaldhunga district. This waterfall has around 130 meters of falls. It has been attractive for thousands of inland and outside visitors every year.

Suligad Waterfall

Suligad waterfall located in Dolpa district in the western part of Nepal has a fall of 167 meters. It is also known as the Phoksundo waterfall. It originates from the Phoksundo Lake. Phoksundo Lake is the deepest lake in Nepal. This waterfall also attracts tourists every year.

Bhotekoshi Waterfall

Although Bhotekoshi is a river that is used for rafting and canyoning, there are many waterfalls in this river. Bhotekoshi is just 70km from Kathmandu valley. It also attracts a lot of tourists every year.

Devis Fall

Devis fall located in Pokhara is one of the most visited waterfalls of Nepal. It is a unique type of waterfall where water flows directly into a mysterious narrow tunnel and no one knows where does it end. It is said that this waterfall was named after a tourist named Davis who was swept away by the water waves of this waterfall.

Annapurna Roadside waterfall

Annapurna Roadside waterfall is the next beautiful waterfall that is located in the hill part of the road. Visitors throng to see this waterfall every year. Travelers traveling along this Annapurna roadside can also see this waterfall. The water falls directly from the top of the hill surrounded by green forest.

Upper Mustang Waterfall

Incredible icy waterfalls are available in Upper Mustang which is very pleasing and captivating for the visitors.

Varun Valley waterfall

At the base of Mt. Makalu is located Varun valley waterfall in Sankhuwasabha district. The high waterfall cascades into deep gorges through craggy rocks and flows beneath snowy peaks. Tourists get mesmerized by the sight of the waterfall.

Sundarijal waterfall

Sundarijal waterfall located around nine miles from Kathmandu is a beautifully delightful waterfall that lures thousands of tourists every year where canyoning is done.

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