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December 24, 2019

Feeling tangible thrills of Bheri River rafting

Bheri River rafting: File photo

Nature has lavishly blessed Nepal in providing four major rivers systems besides endowing it with other innumerable rivers, streams, and crooks rising from the Himalayan glaciers and snow-covered regions. In the extreme eastern part of Nepal, the Saptokoshi River flows, Karnali River flows through western part and right in the central region flows Narayani River. Mahakali River flows through the far western corridors of Nepal.

Bheri River is one of the tributaries of the Saptokoshi river system. It is situated in the remote area of the Karnali region. Bheri river starts from the Dolpo region and stretches up to the Surkhet valley. The river ultimately merges with the Karnali river and passes through the plain valley of terai to reach Bardia National Park.  This river allows some of the highest raging rapids of White Water River rafting in Nepal.

The pleasing view of mountains, natural beauty pervasive in the surrounding with diverse flora and fauna enhances the turbulent river rapids of Bheri. You can experience a lifetime wildlife safari at Bardia national park after the end of rafting. Your rafting in Bheri starts as soon as you take a flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu and take a drive to Samjhighat. The thrills and excitement of this breathtaking rafting are much enjoyable for the rafters.

The river rafting in Bheri can take you to the grade III and IV rapids. The river rafting course is 142 km. The rafting can be accomplished in six days from October to December and February to May. The cost of this rafting may be around USD 400 per individual.

Bheri River rafting is very nice for families wanting to spend some time enjoying the thrilling moment of raging rapids in this river. The river is also good for fishing adventures.

Bheri River rafting can be one of the best and unforgettable, exciting, and blissful moments of your life in Nepal Visit 2020 if you can visit Nepal and feel the tangible thrills and pleasing experience of this white water river rafting in Bheri River.

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