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December 26, 2019

Exploring Nepal’s stunning plain landscape in winter

Maya Devi Temple
Maya Devi Temple at Lumbini: File photo

Exploring Nepal’s varied fascinating landscapes, historical places and exotic wildlife of plain regions during winter time would be the most amazing things to do in Nepal.

This is the time when chill and coldness due to freezing temperature impel you to postpone your treks and expeditions to the hilly destinations which remain shrouded in the snow at this time.

The terai region of Nepal has a few most significant tourist destinations that continue to allure the tourists. These popular destinations include–Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Janakpur- the ancient kingdom of Janak where his daughter Sita was married to Indian prince Ram.

Janaki Mandir
Janaki Mandir. Photo: Shahiman Rai/Highlights Tourism

Then, the first national park of Nepal-Chitwan National Park has varied wildlife and jungle safari ready for you to observe and enjoy. Other destinations such as Bardia National Park also awaits your presence for bird watching and jungle safari.

This plain region of Nepal is also rich in myths, mysteries, and legends. This plain region during winter has equitable climatic conditions which may be suitable for you to adjust in and get the thrills of watching various things of significant importance.

Jungle Safari in Chitwan park
Jungle Safari in Chitwan park

The plain area of Nepal consists of nearly 13,000 square miles which cover nearly one-quarter of Nepal’s whole topography.

These destinations are well connected with airports. These places are linked with highways as well. So, it is not difficult to reach these destinations.

koshi tappubird
Koshi Tappubird

Plain areas of Nepal are usually hot during April and October. So, wintertime would be suitable to travel through the plain area. Your travel agents will arrange for your logistic and travel management.

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