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January 1, 2020

Romancing with Sunkoshi River rafting

Sunkoshi River rafting: File photo

Sunkoshi River is the perfect choice for taking a long distanced white water river rafting in Nepal if you are looking out for an alternative, but the most adventurous water rafting sports.

The Sunkoshi River rafting offers a spectacular and exotic fun, entertainment and thrilling ecstatic moments as you prepare yourself and dare to challenge the raging rapids of the river waves through the course of the river.

The river rafting provides an opportunity to observe the enchanting panoramic scenario of nature’s raw beauty along with the captivating rural village setting coupled with pristine indigenous cultures to watch all along the rafting route. The river rafting route is as long as 270 km and the rafters can enjoy the fun as much as they wish to relish from encountering its challenges.

Rafting trips can start from Dolalghat and can be prolonged for more than ten days too.  The route passes through Tarang Gaon-Dumja-Khurkot-Likhu khola-Harkapur village-Rai Ghat-Bander Ghat- Bonjur Ghat and finally concludes at Barachhetra from where you can take a drive to Chatara and then return to Kathmandu for final departure.

The beautiful sights of a rural setting, open valleys, green forest, and high mountains will give you a pleasant view at the beginning of the rafting trip. The river rapids of class 3 encountered while rafting and an amazing opportunity generated for teamwork to steer through the raging rapids to grapple with the rapids will definitely make it a breathtaking moment.

Both rafting and kayaking can be done in this river with all the sporty enthusiasm expected of these adventurous sports. The relaxing canyons, murmuring waterfalls, bat caves, ancient temples, mesmerizing white sandy beaches for camping make this river course the most coveted one among the rafters.

You should take the support of expert river rafting guides to ensure that this fun becomes all the more romantic and pleasurable events of your life. As Nepal welcomes the New Year 2020 with the slogan for Visit Nepal 2020, the various tourism opportunities that this tiny nation offers are really incredibly bountiful and affordable for any tourists and travelers.

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