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January 2, 2020

Why visit Nepal in 2020?

  • HB Kham

Although Nepal is considered to be a tiny nation on the world map with insignificant topographical importance owing to its negligible political dominance and least development paradigm in the world arena as compared to modern ways of civilization and development, yet incredibly enough Nepal is rich in the beauty of raw nature, pristine culture, and spectacular adventures.

That is to say that nature, culture, and adventure with which Nepal is profusely blessed is something remarkable to note for the travelers who visit Nepal for some causal reason and return home with an indelible imprint of the life experiences from here and are impelled to visit it again and again.

Once you are in Nepal, you will believe that this land is really like a heavenly paradise where nature grins and smiles with its best pristine cultural hospitality by treating the guests, visitors, and tourists as idols of Gods.

“Guests are messengers of Gods. So, they must be welcomed and honored” is the pervasive motto of Nepali hospitality which entails all homestay and hotel runners to treat their clients with that hospitality ideal in mind.

Besides this, there are few crude reasons, rationality, and the logic behind the increasing number of tourists in this tiny nation for a decade which can be enumerated in the following words.

These lines are being written not only in the context of the government declared “Visit Nepal Year 2020” campaign to bring at least 2 million tourists in the country to boost up the national economy, but also to keep the ignorant audience outside the country of the prevailing facts about Nepal that indeed makes it worthwhile and render it as one of the most coveted tourist destination in the world.

Mustang village

Nepal can offer a wide range of adventure tourism to those adventure lovers who take pleasure in confronting any challenges of life. To make my logical argument about Nepal’s facts and credibility, it would not be an exaggeration to mention here that Nepal is one of the top 10 tourist destinations declared globally for the year 2020.

Secondly, Nepal’s Upper Mustang has been accredited to be the 3rd most important place in the world to visit. Then thirdly, Nepal has the best walking trails on earth. According to CNN, Nepal’s most amazing trail -The Great Himalayan Trail- that runs from the eastern part of Nepal to far western parts -which can become a trek of your lifetime – is one of the top 10 amazing trails in the world.

Similarly, Nepal is recorded to be “Favorite long haul destinations 2nd position on earth for receiving “Observer Travel Award, 2002, UK.

As for the trekking destinations, Nepal has the top 3 of the top 10 trekking destinations in the world. Nepal is also home to the highest peak Mt. Everest in the world and is blessed with more than a half dozen of the highest peaks above 8000m found in the world.

Nepal is also famous for rare and endangered animals and wildlife safari in some of its rare national parks and wildlife reserves. Especially, for the bird watching, Nepal covers 0.1% of the total land of the earth, while it has 9.5% of the total species of the birds found in the world.

Nepal although small in topography is blessed with 125 ethnic nationalities while they speak 123 ethnic languages according to the latest statistics of the national census.

Besides this, the popular trekking destinations, mountain expedition, river rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, bungee jump, balloon flights, gliding, mountain flights, mountain bike race, cave searching, visiting deepest gorges, lakes and observing pristine ethnic cultures are some major areas to explore in Nepal as a tourist and traveler in 2020.

So, if you are confused or confounded about your decision to visit Nepal, this the right moment to act.

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