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January 5, 2020

Weather likely to improve from Sunday

Kathmandu: The domestic weather which was largely influenced by the westerly wind for the past few days will be improved from Sunday onwards according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division. 

The westerly wind system which caused cloudy weather with the trigger of rains till Saturday is becoming weaker, letting weather improve, meteorologist Pratibha Manandhar said. 

The arrival of the westerly wind provoked snowfall as well, and it became irregular. Weather will be improved gradually. There is partly cloudy in the hilly and mountain regions and generally fair in the rest of the country. 

Tonight, there will be partly cloudy in the high hilly, hilly and mountainous regions, and generally clear in the rest of the country. Tomorrow, the high mountainous regions will report partly cloudy and the rest of the country will see generally fair. 

Similarly, on Tuesday, there will be partly to generally cloudy in the western parts of the country. The Division issuing the 24-hour weather forecast warns people that mornings and evenings will continue to remain chillier despite the clear weather. It also urged people to take preventive measures against cold (RSS).

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