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January 6, 2020

Nepal’s snow-covered destinations luring tourists

Playful tourist enjoying snowfall in Baitadi

As winter engulfs entire Nepal and incessant snowfall in the hilly regions continues to disrupt the normal lives, the snow-covered regions are attracting tourists to revel in the snow these days.

Tourist sliding down the snow heap in Taplejung

The tourists are pouring into the snow regions to catch the snowflakes and have the fun of watching the snowfall and have the glimpses of snow-capped mountain peaks of higher altitudes including Mt. Everest in winter.

Tourists playing with snow

Some of these snow-covered tourist destinations may be very close to Kathmandu while few may be at a distance of two-three days or few hours from Kathmandu.

The vehicle passing through a snow-covered road

You can opt to take a flight or hire a vehicle to reach these destinations. There are private agencies operating trekking even in winter too.

Snow-covered village in Taplejung: All photos from RSS.

I hope you are not going to miss this rare chance of running after the snowflakes in the snow-covered tourist destination of Nepal.

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