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January 6, 2020

Visit Nepal 2020 kicks off in London and Hong Kong

Kathmandu: As Nepal is anxiously awaiting the influx of tourists in the country during “Visit Nepal 2020,” the news about inaugurating Visit Nepal 2020 continues to trickle in from various parts of the world.

London based Nepali embassy has initiated the Visit Nepal 2020 through a formal program held on the premises of the Nepali embassy. Speaking during the formal program, Nepali ambassador to Britain Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi prevailed upon all Nepalese living in Britain to visit Nepal once in 2020.

Visit Nepal 2020 kicks off in London

Similarly, Hong Kong-based Nepal’s envoy for Commerce has also initiated the program for Visit Nepal 2020 by showcasing cultural glimpses and play cards, logos, and banners related to Visit Nepal 2020 throughout the Hong Kong city.

Chief Guest Miss Choi the Acting Commissioner of Commission of Tourism Hong Kong inaugurated the Visit Nepal 2020 program, while Chairperson of Non-Resident Nepalese Association, Hong Kong and member secretary of the program Tika Gurung (Radhika) formally proclaimed the beginning of Nepal Visit 2020 and expressed that the goal of Visit Nepal 2020 will be fulfilled.

Hong Kong program: Visit Nepal 2020

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