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January 13, 2020

Rain, snowfall likely in western high-hilly regions

Kathmandu: Light to moderate snowfall and rain is likely to occur in the high-hilly and mountainous areas in most of the places of the western region of the country with cloudy conditions from Monday afternoon due to the influence of the westerly low-pressure system.

The Meteorological Forecasting Division said the western low-pressure system would weaken from Tuesday night. Meteorologist Pratibha Manandhar said the trend of the weather becoming fine for some days and again becoming cloudy causing precipitation has been repeating due to the rapid change in the weather system.

“There is much rainfall in winter if the weather is excessively dry in the rainy season in a particular year,” Manandhar said. According to her, the weather system that is developing today will enter in the western region and also exit from there.

This will not impact other regions. The weather will be generally cloudy in the western region and partly cloudy in other hilly areas on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the weather will be partly to generally cloudy in the western region while remaining fair in the rest of the country (RSS).

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