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January 14, 2020

Exploring Ghalegaun, Homestay & Honey hunting

Ghalegaun view: photo-Ruman Shrestha

Ghalegaun is a pristine habitat of Gurung people, situated in Lamajung district has earned its popularity as a famous scenic tourist destination in Nepal where thousands of tourists flock every year. 

Ghalegaun elevated at 2100 meters above sea level is around 108 km. northwest of Kathmandu and hardly 12.5 km. northwest of Pokhara city. This ancient but beautiful village is surrounded by the most popular Annapurna circuit trail.

That’s why most of the tourists traveling to the Annapurna circuit hardly miss this destination. So, the village located along the Annapurna circuit has added to its value and charm of being a popular tourist destination.

Ghalegaun sunrise view

Its low elevation also makes this destination as most frequented destinations in Nepal by all types of tourists irrespective of their ages and physical strength required for this trek.

Trekking to Ghalegaun does not mean only seeing the village, its cultures and mixing up with the local people. The trek to this pleasing village also means getting mesmerized by the spectacular sights of magnificent mountain views of Manaslu, Lamjung Himal, Annapurna ranges, dazzling sunrise and sunset views, in addition to bewitching glimpse of waterfalls, wildlife, Buddhist monuments, natural beauty and local people’s cultural warm hospitality that you might not have witnessed elsewhere.

Ghale Gaun is promoting exotic and unique village tourism with a practice of community-based homestays targeting tourists who enjoy staying in and mixing with the local Gurung community lifestyles besides having insight knowledge of the local people and fun about strolling in the surrounding environment.

The tiny village of Gurung people who are also known as Tamus has a total of 105 households who are bent upon providing all kinds of facilities to the tourist arriving there every year.

The village also offers an eco-friendly tourist destination with mind-blowing scenic views of Annapurna and Manaslu mountain views. The trip to this village can be done in short or with a longer schedule which can depend upon your expenses and needs. The colorful village blessed with picturesque mountains and captivating hills scenery can be an astounding experience for you which may make it the most memorable and unforgettable event of your life.

Just to let you know that one of the bravest and the most deadly martial warriors of the world (Victoria Cross winners in the first and second world wars) known as “Gurkhas” come from this village. 

You must know that as mercenary soldiers these Gurkhas who serve the British army, the Indian army, the Brunei army, and Singaporean police do not fear to die and do not like to flee from the war fronts. That’s why even world leaders like Hitler had feared Gurkhas in World War II. 

So, maybe you will be interested to see what kind of village life these brave martial race people live in Nepal and you would also like to know what makes these people so brave mercenary soldiers in the world. To know this, you must trek to Ghale Gaun and see for yourself what kind of family background these mercenary soldiers have. As Nepal is ready to welcome tourists to mark the Nepal Visit 2020, Ghalegaun is highly recommended for a visit in 2020.

Ghale Gaun Homestays

Ghale Gaun Homestays are the best-suited village-based luxurious inns for the tourists wishing to enjoy the trekking moments in the village ambiance. The fantastic hospitable manner in which these local people welcome the guests is worth mentioning here as their manners of hospitality touch every guest’s heart so much that the guest feels at home in staying in these homestays.

Ghalegaun homestay

They feel so easy and comfortable here that they feel as if they are enjoying the homely environment at a place which is far away from home, but indeed “a home away from home”. The local organic foods which are different from the foods of the town also make them feel different at homestays.

Your trek to Annapurna Ghale gaun starts from Beshishahar after 6-7 hours’ drive from Kathmandu and passes through Marshyangdi, Khudi and Midim rivers amidst the chirping birds, wild animals and beautiful rhododendron flower blooming in multi-colors along the trekking route. Ghalegaun trekking ends at Begnastal in Pokhara.

If you wish to extend your trek then you may do so to extend it to Ghorepani Poon hill trek for amazing sunrise and sunset views. Ghalegaun trek is one of the most moderate trekkings you can engage in Nepal at any time of the year. However, the months of September to November and March –April may be most suitable.

Ghale gaun visit for Honey hunting

Your trip to Ghalegaun can be used for enjoying the thrilling moments of watching the local Gurung people hunting honey from the cliffs and rocks in the jungles. You can watch how they use the locally made rope and ladder to go up to any height of the cliff and collect the honey about which numerous books have already been published around the world.

You will be astounded to see how these tribal people use the traditional method of honey hunting. The man who is chosen for the honey hunting is a tribal leader who dares to climb up the rope ladder to collect the hone with a thick cloud of a smile made from below to drive away from the bees. The honey hunter pokes the beehive with one stick and collects the chunk of the beehive in a basket made ready for him.

A lot of courage and balance is needed to dangle from the rope ladder hung across the cliff from top to bottom. Native wild bees have also been the victim of global warming and other environmental issues. This honey hunting program is launched to preserve the tribal ways of life and keep the tradition with the help of sustainable tourism.

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