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January 14, 2020

Maghe Sankranti being celebrated on January 15

Tharus celebrating Maghe

Kathmandu: Nepali people are celebrating the festival of Maghe Sankranti on the first day of Magh (on 15th January 2020) on the auspicious beginning of the Nepali month Magh.

The indigenous Tharu community of Nepal observes the day of Maghi festival as a gala making day for at least one week in the Tharu belt areas in the terai regions. They celebrate it to mark the beginning of New Year and an occasion for a family reunion. They celebrate it by exchanging good wishes among their community members and good community dishes such as “dhikari”.

Karnali state government has already declared a one-day public holiday on this occasion. Maghe festival is also celebrated to mark the harvest time and beginning of the new agricultural season. Maghe also indicates the beginning of longer warmer days after biting cold winter days. It also indicates the upcoming spring season.

Root foods for Maghe

The Magar community is another group that also celebrates this festival to the optimum level by exchanging wishes among fraternity and fresh root foods such as yam and sweet potatoes and by worshipping their daughters on this occasion for prosperity and happiness.

Hindus worshiping sun god to celebrate Maghes Sankaranti

Hindu devotees also observe this Maghe festival as Makar Sankranti to mark the festival of god sun. The day is considered to be the symbol of power and wisdom. Foods such as laddu, Tarul, and dishes made up of ghee are seen in every house during this festival.

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