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January 16, 2020

Exploring Dang Valley- the Largest Valley of Asia

  • HB Kham

World’s largest Trishul at Dharpani in Dang district

At the distance of nearly 500 km from Kathmandu city lies Dang valley- the largest valley of Asia. It is three times bigger than Kathmandu valley in size.

The world’s largest Trishul (Trident) is also found here at Ghorahi’s Pandeshor temple or Dharpani which has attracted hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. Both domestic and external guests flock to this destination.

Dang is one of the districts of Nepal which lies in the inner Terai. Rapti and Babai are two river systems of Dang district. Dang has a tropical climate.

It The river system of Dang

It falls in Nepal’s province-5 and has two sub-metro municipalities, six municipalities, and 39 rural municipalities. The bigger municipality towns are Ghorahi and Tulsipur.

The people of multi-ethnic communities can be found here such as Tharus, Magars, Awadhi, Kusunda, Brahmin, Chhetri and Newars.

Tharus are the dominant indigenous tribes of this place and their cultures can be astounding for you to observe. The multi-ethnic cultural festivals can also be observed here during the sojourn. The pattern of harmonious living together human society here can be one of the replicable exemplary things for the guests who arrive here.

Major highlights


Ambikeshwory temple can be visited in Ghorahi where Hindu devotees throng to worship their Hindu Gods and deities. Then Baraha Kshetra – a 12 cornered pond can be seen in Ghorahi-13- where there is also a temple on the corner of the pond.

The local deity of Kham people is worshiped here besides several temples built across to enable Hindu worshipers to pray to their Hindu Gods.

Pandadeshwor Shiva temple or Dharpani mandir is another attraction where you can see the world’s biggest Trishul or trident. Then there is Purandhara waterfall that can mesmerize you utterly on your first sight of it.

Then Rihar is another famous place for religious devotees where you can visit the temple of Bagarbaba. Sukaurakot is another ancient place of importance that is known for its historical heritage related to the Tharu kingdom. Charinge Daha, Bat cave, Ramjanki temple, Jakhera Lake are other popular sights to see in Dang district.

Dang district is connected with the airport also. The airport for Dang is located at Tulsipur Tarrigaun although it is not well managed.

How to reach Dang valley

To visit Dang valley, its destinations, and cultural flavors, you can take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. There are several air services to Nepalgunj these days. It takes hardly one hour to reach Nepalgunj by plane from Kathmandu. Some of the planes even take only 45 minutes to land at Nepalgunj.

You can also take the highway route to reach Dang valley. This is usually the road journey of about 500 km from Kathmandu which can be completed in about 10 hours comfortably.

The logistic arrangements can be done in the best of the best hotels available there in Dang. Although there are no five-star hotels in Dang, yet the comfort and relaxation you want can be available at local hotels too.

Visiting this largest valley of Asia will benefit your knowledge, life experience, and fun.

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