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January 21, 2020

Nepal’s amazing biodiversity astounds American Students

American professor Abe Lloyd who teaches Botany and Ecology at Western Washington University at Washington has a deeper connection with Nepal. He was connected with the ‘Study Abroad’ program under which he would always bring some students to Nepal to learn something from Nepal. The abroad study program is being carried out in Nepal, India, Vietnam, and Thailand.

American Students' 45 Days in Nepal

This video includes the major activities and experiences of the american students who spent 45 days in Nepal.

Posted by Highlights Tourism on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Six American students recently visited Nepal along with Professor Abe Lloyd under the abroad study program to study Bio-cultural diversity in Nepal. They had visited Langtang, Helambu, Gosainkunda, and Tamang Heritage to study plants, animals, cultures, and biodiversity of Nepal. They all spoke to highlights tourism to share their experiences about their findings in Nepal.

Expressing his personal opinion about biodiversity and cultures in Nepal, Alex said, “I came with a school group of Western Washington University to study biocultural diversity in Nepal. We went with our Professor Abe. He taught us a lot. We also learned a lot from Nepal. It’s easy to learn in such a beautiful place. The mountains and the tropical rainforest. The rainforest is also beautiful.”


Speaking about safety in Nepal, Alex said that he felt very safe and secured while in Nepal. He further said, “I felt much secured in Nepal. It’s a safe place. In Kathmandu, it’s a lot of fun and safe. You should come here.”

Sharing his experience about his visits to various places, Alex put in, “We went on a Langtang trek, Helambu valley trek, Gosainkund lake trek, Tamang Heritage trek. They are all beautiful. I recommend Tamang heritage trek if you enjoy village life and getting to know people who are very different from you. On this trip, I learned a lot about myself too which I think is good for me.”

The second student named David Richards coming to Nepal from the same University of Washington said, “I am studying about cultural diversity. So, looking at the biodiversity of Nepal and cultural aspects as well. And we have been here for 45 days and we have trekked to Langtang National Park, Helambu trek and Tamang Heritage trek.”

David seems to have been very much influenced by the Nepali hospitality and the way the people welcomed the foreign guests here. Referring to peculiar Nepali hospitality David said, “I have experienced great hospitality in my life. I got Bipin lama who was with us who runs White Lotus trekking adventures. He brought us so much joy and it was the best experience I could have asked for.”


Appreciating the Nepali mountains and natural beauty here David said, “Nepal’s beauty is just you can’t describe it. It’s just cool. Just seeing all mountains and the valleys and how the traditional way life is something irreplaceable. Every trekking did and every family’s amazing hospitality that Nepali could show us has been amazing.”

David not only appreciated the natural beauty and biodiversity of Nepal but he also specifically recommended everyone to come to Nepal and go for trekking to encounter the mountains here. David suggested, “I would just recommend everyone to come to Nepal and check out the different types of treks and do it with Bipin Lama on the white lotus to do the trekking in Nepal. Bipin Lama is the best guide in the entire world.”

The scenic beauty from Tamang Heritage Trail

Similarly, next American student Emmanio… appreciating about the biodiversity and cultures of Nepal said, “I came here to study the biodiversity and cultures of Nepal, specifically in the mountain ranges of Nepal and villages. And I learned a great deal about both of those things. We experienced several different environments both naturally and culturally and it was really interesting to learn the vast range of both of them.”


“I learned about glaciers and landslides and different environmental zones and a great deal about the ecology of Nepal and specifically the medicinal uses for several plants and I learned a lot about Nepali culture and I found very welcomed and learned about their values the big heart the Nepali people have,” said She.

Expressing about her safety in Nepal she remarked, “I felt very safe in Nepal for my life and security. I think a lot about it. How Nepali people value life and are very respectful. As far as security on the trail was concerned, I felt very safe. Bipin Lama was our trekking guide. He knew a great deal about the different trails that we were able to take and I never once felt like my life was in danger. I felt much secured throughout my entire trip in Nepal.”

Likewise, Emmaratus said, “I have been here in Nepal for around 47 days on a study abroad program. We have been trekking in Helambu valley, Gosaikunda Lake, up to Lantang valley, the Tamang Heritage Trail. And we got to spend some time in a lot of villages. We are studying biocultural diversity. So we have been learning about plants, cultures specially Tamng mountain culture.”


Talking about her visits to Langtang, Helambu and Tamang Heritage trail she said, “We choose Langtang because it is so beautiful, the culture so beautiful, people are so welcoming and so warm and I have been so surprised at the hospitality in Langtang National park and Nepal.”

She further added, “It’s been a very crazy experience walking and carrying so many things on your back and meeting so many people, seeing beautiful places, and it’s been really fun to learn about all different plants and animals.”

“My favorite thing has probably been hiking through all sorts of the ecosystem from the tropical jungle down to the temperate forest and sub-alpine forest, and it was a wonderful time and amazing,” she added.

Appreciating about fascinating Nepal she said, “As far as Nepal goes, I have had a wonderful time. I felt very safe and secured here, the people are so kind and I never felt threatened or scared anyway. It’s a great place, I highly recommend coming and checking in Nepal.”

Nick has a bit of different experience to share with us. He said, “So far the mountains are amazing, seeing sunrise around Langtang and all other peaks have been inspiring. Changing scenes from lower elevation to higher elevation was amazing.”


Then describing the hospitality he found here, Nick mentioned, “As far as hospitality goes our guide has been more than hospitable. Everybody else has been welcoming foreigners here. Security has been good, nobody steals anything here. I see just the number of animals, big trees, lots of insects, birds all beautiful.”

The last but not the least was Sam..who expressed his visit to Nepal as, “I came to Nepal for a study abroad program -a course called biocultural diversity study. So far the most beautiful thing I have seen was the Gosainkund Lake and Lantang valley.”


“For my security, I feel safe and welcomed by the people here. And I feel like more people should come to Nepal because it’s a good place to learn about family and traditions,” he added.

Expressing his feeling about amazing Nepali hospitality, he even compared Nepali and American hospitality which differed at some points. Pointing towards the slight differences between American and Nepali hospitality Sam said, “When you say hello to someone in America they might think that’s odd or not a good thing because you don’t know them. But if you say hello or Namaste to someone here, they will always reciprocate and say back to you and that is something special telling about people here.”

American students cooking food along with Prof. Abe

He further said, “My experience so far has been an amazing one because I have been able to live with three different families three times in the mountains. I have seen their way of life and how close and large and extended families they have.” Lured by the beauty of Nepal and its cultural biodiversity, he said, I would come back to Nepal for sure because it is almost like a second home to me. It’s been only 50 days since I have been here. But it’s such a welcoming place.”

“My experience has taught me a lot about myself, and it’s so beautiful here. There is amazing diversity, cultures plants and animals and it’s just a great example of how people around the world are so different but so similar in many ways,” Sam added.

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