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January 22, 2020

Dixie State University Students’ Hike to Mt Everest in 2020

  • HB Kham
Hike to Mt. Everest: Photo-Dixie Sun News

It’s a sheer matter of coincidence and in juxtaposition with Nepal Visit Year (VNY) 2020 campaign that Dixie State University (DSU) of United States of America has judiciously decided and planned to bring few of its students to Nepal in 2020 under a Study Abroad Program which will entail them to hike through various parts of Nepal until reaching Mt. Everest’s South Base Camp.

Autumn Nuzman writes through the columns of online news portal named, Dixie Sun News that US-based DSU has earmarked the year 2020 summer for the first time for its students to hike to Mt. Everest as the first-year program to put into practice DSU’s active learning and active life as part of field research in Nepal.

Study Abroad Program Coordinator Jenny Callahan was quoted as saying, “From May 5-23, students will put into practice DSU’s “active learning, active life” mantra by hiking through Nepal until they reach Mount Everest’s South Base Camp.”

“The purpose of this trip is to allow student’s hands-on field research dealing with exercise physiology and the adaptations of human physiology to changing environmental factors,” said Steve Bui, assistant professor of exercise science and Nepal program leader.

Dixie State University

Indicating towards the hiking route of the American students Bui said, “The route taken will be the same as Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzin Norgay and the many other mountaineers who wish to reach the summit of the highest point in the world.”

As for the activities with which the DSU students will be engaged while hiking through Nepal will comprise of, “collecting field data among themselves to assess physiological changes throughout the trip in the form of heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, spirometer, blood flow, and brain function,” Bui said.

Bui also argued that “Mt. Everest is part of the Himalayan mountain range, which consists of 10 of the 14 highest points in the world.”

“During this trip, we will achieve a maximal elevation of 18,514 feet, which is classified as ‘extremely high altitude. This combined with the cultural experiences of Nepal and the iconic history and experience of visiting the Mount Everest Base Camp put this trip in a special niche,” said Bui.

Namche Bazaar: Gateway to Everest

“The trip is also a way of exposing students to a new culture, which is an invaluable experience. With Nepal bordering India and Tibet, there are influences from both countries along with Nepal’s own culture, and Nepal has been ranked in the top three most impoverished Asian countries,” said Bui.

Bui further added, “All of these factors will help expose students to different cultures, religions and socio-economical classes in the world. Students will be encouraged to have an open mind and embrace as much of the culture and heritage as possible.”

Nepal’s rare biodiversity has attracted students from various countries including American universities to study cultures, natural beauty, and biodiversity in Nepal.

Recently, a group of American students representing Western Washington University of Washington had visited Nepal to study the biodiversity of Nepal under the Abroad Study Program led by American professor Abe Lloyd.

Everest base camp trek
Everest base camp trek

These students who visited Helmumbu, Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang National Park have reported that Nepal has been amazing and most beautiful for its icy mountains, pristine cultures, biodiversity, and hospitality. They asserted that they learned a lot from Nepal.

Since these students’ hike to Mt. Everest coincides with the Nepal government’s VNY 2020 to bring at least 2 million tourists within this year, the sudden upsurge in the arrival of a number of students under abroad study program in Nepal would undoubtedly bolster the promotion of aim of VNY 2020.

Nepal blessed with its rich natural beauty, higher mountains, spectacular lakes, waterfalls, cultures, world heritages, religious pilgrimage sites, Lumbini, rare flora and fauna, endangered species of animals could gradually develop into another world-famous destination for abroad study program for foreign students if more efforts are to put into this field through private as well government efforts.

Bare Lukla airport due to bad weather
Lukla Airport

If such efforts are invested into this field, it is expected that such efforts, in the long run, will ameliorate the impoverished country conditions and lay a foundation stone for liberating the country from the bondage of poverty ranked status in the world.

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