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January 26, 2020

Pandemic fear of Coronavirus impacts VNY


Kathmandu: Pandemic fear of Coronavirus in China has drastically impacted the imposition of the travel limitation on outbound Chinese travelers which is most likely to adversely impact Nepal Visit 2020 campaign as Chinese tourist arrivals to Nepal slumps.

According to the state broadcaster China Global Television Network, China Tourism Association has imposed total restriction on the outbound Chinese tourists from Monday onwards, in the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus in China.

It has been reported that with this outbound limitation of Chinese tourists, the travel agencies are canceling and suspending the hotel and plane bookings for their foreign clients due to new adverse situations.

This phenomenon is going to adversely affect the tourism sector in Nepal as China is the second-biggest source of tourists for Nepal’s tourism market.

The data furnished by the Department of Immigration says that out of nearly 1.2 million tourists that arrived in Nepal in 2019, Chinese tourists comprised 169543 which was the second-largest in numbers.

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