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January 26, 2020

Reveling in Homestay tour in Nepal in 2020

You may experience an exotic and spectacular tour in Nepal through homestays in the rural villages where you are very close to the traditional Nepalese traditions, customs and lifestyles. In the homestays, you can interact with the local people, immerse in their culture, and learn about the local language and agricultural lifestyle including their religious practices.


Homestay tourism is gaining its ground in Nepal with the tourist interest increasingly lured into this village tourism where visitors can comfortably mix and mingle with nature and culture simultaneously. Nepal is galore with a different type of homestays in towns, villages and remote areas. We introduced homestays in Nepal in 2011. Ghalegaun in Lamjung and Sirubari in Syangja were some of the first homestays that started in the inception periods.


Other places such as Kathmandu, Kavrepalanchowk, Makwanpur, Chitwan, Ilam, Palpa, Gorkha Kalikot, and Nuwakot also have initiated homestays these days. Nepal has two types of homestays viz: community and Private Homestays. As usual, breakfast and bed are provided on request in homestays with meals made up of local organic cereals and vegetables. Few traditional homestays are Ghalegaun and Bhujung of Kholasodhar Rural Municipality, Siurung, Rainaskot of eastern Lamjung, Kaulepani and Khasur homestays in Besisahar municipality.

Ghalegaun homestay 

Ghalegaun is a beautiful tribal village of Gurungs. The hospitality of smiles in traditional tribal attire naturally captivates all the guests and tourists which makes your sojourn a difference in taste, comforts, and experience.  Total houses of 80 Gurungs and 54 Dalits render this village a unique and fascinating view for the new arrival of explorers and tourists. It is nearly 200 km far from Kathmandu. It is walking distance from Besisahar is about 5 hours and distance via vehicle is just 2 hours.

The highlights of the homestay are winding Marshyangdi river, Gurung museum, tea garden, Jaldevi temple, view tower and cascading view of Himalayan mountain peaks, besides lovable hospitality of Gurungs.

Kaulepani homestay 

Kaulepani is at a walkable distance of one hour and 30 minutes travel by vehicle from the main town of Besisahar. The best homestay services lure the tourists to sojourn here. The view tower nearby, Kaulepani temple and a glimpse of ancient historical town are major highlights of this homestay.

Khasur Homestay

Situated at a height of 950 meters above sea level, Khasur is the most coveted tourist destination for its exemplary community homestays. The traditional village having clean stone-paved lanes has homestays well managed by rural women belonging to around 130 families of the Gurung tribe. A collective women’s snack kitchen is another attraction of this homestay. It also lies at a walkable distance of hardly one hour and vehicular travel in 30 minutes from Basisahar.

Rainasakot homestay 

Raina homestay

Rainasakot is a historical place which lies at a height of 1750 meters from where clear views of Ganesh Himal, Baudha, Himalchuli, Manaslu. Annapurna, Macchapuchre can be observed. The scenic beauty of sunset and sunrise can be seen and enjoyed along with paragliding sports.

The homestay hospitality of just 15 households of Gurungs reminds you of a well-managed destination for the tourists. Besides, 500 years old temple of Siddha, temple of Mahadev Kalika and another historic place of archeological importance can be seen here. The year 2020 is all the more significant for the homestay tour as Visit Nepal 2020 campaign is on to welcome as many tourists as possible at these habitable and hospitable homestays in Nepal.

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