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February 16, 2020

Finally, 175 Nepalese return from China

Chartered Nepal Airlines carrying Nepalese from Hubei province of China

Kathmandu: Finally, 175 Nepalese have arrived in Nepal this morning from Hubei Province of China, where epidemic Coronovirus broke out a month ago. A chartered Nepal Airlines airlifted the stranded Nepalese from the Chinese province of Hubei.

According to the latest reports trickling in, out of 185 Nepalese who had applied for evacuation from China, the Chinese authorities at the airport reportedly barred 6 Nepalese from boarding the plane citing medical reasons, while 4 of the Nepalese decided to stay back in China.

Nepal government decided to send in the chartered flight to Wuhan of Hubei province to rescue 175 Nepalese who were living in Hubei province after the breakout of the Coronavirus and imposition of Lockdown by the Chinese authorities to contain the risk of the epidemic that had already claimed the lives of over 1500 persons and leftover 66,500 infected with Coronavirus across China.

Nepalese returnees at Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu

All other South Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India had already evacuated their citizens from China after the break out of the lethal epidemic and imposition of lockdown.

The embassy of Nepal in China had arranged for three buses to pick up the panic-stricken Nepalese from Wuhan and six other cities in Hubei Province –Xi’an, Xiangyang, Enshi, Yichang, Jingmen and Jingzhou.

Once the students arrived at the designated pick-up points, all the students had to go through one of the many temperature checks they would go through throughout the day before boarding the plane.

All Nepalese returnees after their arrival in Nepal have been shifted to Kharipati -the training center of Nepal Electricity Authority located in Bhaktapur to undergo a quarantine system. All returnees will be observed for at least 15 days at this quarantine area before I could finally give them could be finally a green signal to meet with their family members in Nepal.

A crew of medical professionals at the Kathmandu airport to receive the returnees from China

Most of the returnees looked happy to return to Nepal after desperately waiting for one month to return home. The returnees were accompanied by four health professionals, three pilots, seven crew members, an engineer, a technician, and a dishwasher.

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