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February 20, 2020

Exploring Kathmandu valley’s ancient Newari Craftmenship

  • HB Kham

Strolling through the ancient lanes of Kathmandu valley would be a new experience that every visitor to Kathmandu city can relish while in Nepal.

The ancient city of Kathmandu affluent with numerous temples and monuments is believed to be the abode of gods and deities. This is the land where God envied human beings and even reincarnated themselves as humans to relish human love and humanity.

During the medieval Malla rule in Kathmandu valley, Gods used to appear in the dreams of Malla rulers and suggest to them about state affairs. They used to warn the Malla kings against any untoward incidents that seemed impending in ancient times.

Kathmandu valley is not only the capital of Nepal but also famous for an incredible confluence of both Hinduism and Buddhism for its exemplary co-existence and harmony.

This is also the pious land where myths and legends mix and merge to be inseparable part and parcel of human values and cultures which was bequeathed to a new generation from the older generation.

Random strolling through the narrow alleys of Kathmandu valley will give you different images of Nepal with the beauty of Newari art and craft attached to artistic icons of the valley.

Kathmandu valley has several other ancient heritage sites that can mesmerize you and blow your mind to see the incredible beauty of art inscribed in each of the heritage sites.

Kathmandu Durbar Square, Living Goddes house, Patan, Swyambhu, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath are some of the indispensable sites to visit for a lifetime experience.

While strolling through the lanes of Kathmandu valley, your mouth will water to see the Newari food being cooked in every corner of the valley.

Nepal’s ancient architecture can be witnessed on the woodcarvings of Newar craftsmen whose artistic brilliance is showcased through the murals, temples, and monuments of the valley. Valley is also always vibrant with local festivities throughout the year.A legend has it that it was a Chinese Buddhist saint named Manjushree who arrived in Kathmandu valley long ago and saw a beautiful lotus flower floating in the center of the lake. Manjushree took his sword and cut through the Chobar hill to let the valley lake water to flow outside.

Chobhar hill

This is the ancient land where the ancient royal tribes like Gopala, Mahispala, Kiraties, Licchivis, and Mallas ruled here. Most of the ancient monuments of the valley are made of Pagoda style architecture which was started by Arniko who transferred this art of Pagoda style architecture to China too.

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