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February 28, 2020

Kaparkatti lake becomes new tourism destination

  • Neera Gautam 
Kaparkatti lake

Butwal: The State 5 has got a newly identified tourism spot in Baithauliya Kaparkatti lake at Butwal Submetropolitan City-16. Boating has been started for the visitors in the lake.

Inaugurating the boating service on Thursday, State 5 government chief minister Shanker Pokhrel spoke of the need of promoting the culture of touring and visiting various places for the development of the tourism destinations in the State.

“Besides the foreign tourists, we should promote domestic tourism to boost up the tourism industry in the country,” he said, stressing on the need of developing a tourist-friendly culture to draw as many visitors.

Chief Minister Pokhrel said, “Although the unique culture of Nepal is on the wane in the city areas, it is still alive in the rural hinterland and this could be a draw for the visitors.” Butwal Sub-metropolitan City mayor Shiva Raj Subedi said a plan has been formulated to develop and promote the Kaparkatti Lake by linking it with other touristic and historical places around the area.

He added that Rs 4 million has been allocated for this purpose in the current fiscal year and the lake has been cleaned up as part of the plan. The development of other infrastructures would also be prioritized.

The lake which was confined to only seven bighas areas before this due to human encroachment has now been expanded to 24 bighas area and the area has been turned into a beautiful spot. The lake is nearly two kilometers long and 300 meters wide.

Butwal town

It is about five meters deep. The water body is also known as Neel Daha which is believed to be 100 years old. The lake has been a place where the indigenous Tharu community people came for recreation and leisure.

Baithauliya Kaparkatti lake, which had been neglected before this, has been given a face-lift and revived after the election of the local people’s representatives. The Sub-metropolis has recognized it as a valuable heritage of Butwal and has devised a master plan for its development as a major touristic site.

The sub-metropolis has forwarded works related to integrated tourism development connecting the Kaparkatti lake along with other touristic sites as Jeetgadhi fort area, the historical Mani Mukunda Sen Palace area, Hill Park, Peace Park, Milan Park, and Narainapur (RSS).

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