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March 8, 2020

Virgin Village Pasgaun

Bed Gurung

Virgin Pasgaun

Cluster of houses, glowing with the twinkle of light in the evening, smiling facial expressions, soft voices and unique lifestyle is the experience of Pasgaun. Anyone who can reach this exotic Pasgaun situated at ward-6 of Kwalosothar Rural Municipality of Lamjung in Nepal has this feeling.

It is not so far from the town but it is far from lifestyle. Hardly will there be anyone who does not get lured to the dazzling aura of this village. Pasgaun-a Gurung’s dominant place is the suitable destination for anyone who desires to feel the sense of freedom from the hectic city life.

Now it has become easy for travelers who enjoy moving from place to place after the concept of the homestay was introduced. This virgin village of Gurung including few Bhuje and Dalits with around 165 households is elevated at 1650 meters above sea level from where beautiful natural scenes can be observed, though mountains can not be seen.

With the initiation of community homestays, mothers’ groups are engaged in maintaining the sanitation of the village. The roads leading to this village are so fine that even cow dung is not found on the roads.

Shantideep Mothers’ Group chairperson Yugdevi Gurung says that mothers’ groups not only welcome guests and arrange foods for them, but also play a crucial role in managing culture programs.

The homestay food comprises of organic food items such as local rice, milk, curd, pickle of Ghundruk, Dhendo of millet and nettle as a vegetable.

“We eat rice bought from outside and provide local rice to the guests. The village produces sufficient milk and curd as villagers rear buffaloes, ” said Gurung.

Gurung cultural programs such as Ghantu, Sorathi, Krishan Charitra,Sarangi dance are organized by mothers’ groups to entertain the guests. Out of 23 houses registered to run homestay services, 13 of them are running homestay services now.

These homestays can accommodate 50 to 80 guests according to Pasgaun Group of Homestays chairman Balram Gurung. Homestays have not been publicized much as yet adds Gurung.

What can be seen at Pasgaun?

Cultural programs of Ghantu, Sorathi, Krishnacharitra, Sarangi dance, dances of mothers group and cultural programs of youth club can be enjoyed here. Besides, few other attractive places can be observed and explored.

Visiting a place called “Bho bho Dhunga” where a stone of conch shape can be interesting to see. A geologist can find their interesting subjects to study on these rocks. There are few naturally carved out rocks to see such as Shivaling and Kandani cow.

There is an ancient monument to visit here which was built by late Bakhan Sing Gurung. The hill located above this house can be the best place to observe various panoramic views of Annapurna mountain ranges.

How to reach Pasgaun?

There are three roads to reach Pasgaun. The direct road is to reach Pasgaun from Pokhara. Although the 52 km long road is not paved, yet it can be traversed in 5 hours. Every day one bus leaves for Pasgaun from Pokhara and one bus from Pasgaun to Pokhara.

Likewise, another road from Kathmandu reaches Pasgaun that passes via Damauli, Karputar of Lamjung-Rambazaar. This is the shortest road from Kathmandu. Pasgaun can be reached from Damauli in 4 hours.

The third road passes through district headquarter Besisahar of Lamjung. The road to Pasgaun from Besisahar in 4 hours is a pleasing one. This road that passes below Mugling by descending the Midhim river and hiking uphill Ghamrang hill is a more pleasing route.

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